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9 Top Tips For Young Professionals Looking For Work In America

America is the land of opportunity and promise. Many young professionals have their sights set on moving to America, and it can be a beneficial move for both employee and employer. You should make a plan to ensure your move will be a success. Consider the skills and qualifications desirable in the US and ensure you have something beneficial to offer.  

You should also ensure you take practical steps to enjoy America as your new home. Get to know your local area, build a local support network and enjoy the experiences your new home has to offer.  

Take On Freelancing Work 

Choose to freelance to get your foot in the door in various industries. Skills like copywriting, programming and translation are popular options for freelancers. Build strong business relationships with clients in America and ask to be considered if a permanent role comes up. Create a portfolio to display your work and attract new clients.  

Talk To International Recruiters 

Talk to recruiters who specialize in international recruitment. Let them know the areas of the US you would be willing to relocate to. Get their advice on additional training or qualifications that will make you more attractive to US employers.  

Volunteer In America 

Volunteer through a recognized organization to get your foot in the US door. Consider voluntary options that will benefit your future career. Build strong connections with local businesses and the organization you volunteer with to find future job prospects.  

Cast A Wide Net 

Consider multiple states and jobs to have the best chance of finding a role. Be flexible and open to various opportunities. Look for entry-level employment with good progression opportunities.

Understand Visas And Immigration

Research visas and immigration rules to know what to apply for when you land a job. Find an immigration lawyer in the state you’ll be traveling to. Ensure they have experience helping professionals gain visas promptly. Farmer Law PC is a law firm with years of experience navigating the visa process successfully.  

Ensure Your Skills Are Desirable In The US

Look at the current skills shortages in the US to see how you could best use your talents there. Finding work in in-demand industries will be easier.  

Save Up Money For Relocation Expenses

Save money for your travel and relocation expenses. Discuss the possibility of a relocation package and benefits from potential employees. Factor in all costs, including airfare, temporary accommodation on arrival, deposits for permanent housing and more.  

Start Building A Social Circle As Soon As You Arrive

Moving to a new country can be isolating. Take as many opportunities to meet new people and make connections as possible. Look for an international club or society to meet others in your position. Sign up for exercises or hobby classes and sports teams to meet friends.  

Gain Qualifications Recognized In The US

Ensure your qualifications will be recognized in the US. If in doubt, consider retraining. Areas like law can be specific to states in the US, so you need appropriate qualifications.

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