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8 Expertly Designed WordPress Websites that Sell Products

WordPress has grown in popularity among e-commerce businesses. They offer a free and open-source management system and have several plugins and templates that can improve the usability and aesthetics of your website. WordPress is dominating the website-building world with its ease of use, free hosting, and its incredible support. 

This article intends to highlight some of the best-designed WordPress e-commerce websites that are taking the online shopping world by storm and will hopefully inspire you to make some important and necessary changes to your WordPress site to help with growth and increase revenue.

The Arty Teacher

Built with a WordPress plugin called Easy Digital Downloads, The Arty Teacher features enjoyable designs of art supplies while also using transparent images for the header and neutral color tones throughout the website in order to keep a somewhat professional tone. 

This e-commerce store sells educational products in the form of digital downloads to teachers. Since the products are digital, good text descriptions are crucial. Not to worry, though. Even though a lot of text is involved, the layout is simple enough which ensures that the website does not appear too cluttered. 

It’s fun, it’s innovative, and it ensures that its target audience will be entertained while browsing their selection of offered products.

Cola Gourmet

Based in South Carolina, Cola Gourmet is a meal delivery service with a beautiful webpage that is sure to attract foodies and those who are pressed for time and need a quick meal. Their background is colorful and bright and they include pictures of food at the top to entice visitors into ordering from them. 

With easy navigation and a guide on how their service works,  website redesigns can lead to practicality and big improvements in user-experience. 

Art & Hue 

Art & Hue’s website is beautifully designed with graphics containing images from its pop art collection. Not only that, their typography and color-scheme are eye-catching without being too dramatic. They have an impressive inventory of artistic prints which include categories like “Retro”, “Art Icons”, and “Smart Pets” and are sure to please anyone passionate about the arts. 

This e-commerce site also offers a gift guide that will assist their shoppers in choosing the perfect gift for themselves or for a loved one. 

Kawaii Box 

Subscription services have become increasingly popular over the years and this includes subscription boxes. One such box is Kawaii Box, a subscription box service from Japan. Subscribers receive boxes monthly with hand-picked items from Japan and Korea. The items can range from candy to accessories and more and they offer plans from 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. 

Their website is fun and colorful which adds to the cuteness of their brand and they have implemented a section where content from user’s Instagram can be shown in order to showcase the surprises subscribers have received in their boxes. 

Fans of the Japanese and Korean cultures will love this box and will be enticed to subscribe when they see the well-designed layout and the Instagram photo section.

Lost Dog Café 

Located in Binghamton, New York, Lost Dog Café’s colorful website is sure to make them stand out to consumers. While some opt for a more minimalistic design, this WordPress store chooses to go against that trend and instill bright colors in order to give a bohemian-feel. Not only is their color scheme fun and whacky, but their font is also.

This site allows guests to order food and purchase merchandise and their creative design will surely make customers want to return to see what they do next. 


Airstream uses micro animations to appeal to their audience and potential customers by using a slideshow to showcase their products. This helps their consumer-base, made up mostly of outdoor enthusiasts, get a desire to have an adventure of their own. The photos depicted in their slideshow offer their customers the chance to see their products enclosed in beautiful, outdoor scenery that will leave their guests wanting more. 

Their website is simple but elegant which fits well with their target audience of outdoor fanatics. 


This charming floral shop is based out of New Zealand. The website itself implements beauty and color in a minimalistic way that is not overdone or boring. Models with beautiful bouquets fill the photos displayed on their WordPress website, showing the visually appealing flowers and tempting those with an eye for beauty and a love for plants to purchase from them. 

A minimalistic design with a pop of brilliant and vibrant colors, this website is absolutely breath-catching and charms people with its stunning visuals and design. 

Disruptive Youth 

It’s not hard to figure out the demographic for Disruptive Youth. This brand caters to young women and implores independence and diversity. Since it is targeted at young women, it’s no surprise to find how minimalistic their WordPress website is. Their simple design allows for guests to focus on the clothing products that are displayed through high-quality pictures. 

Their website allows visitors to leave their email address in return for receiving special offers which will attract their customers to make additional purchases.  


With so many plugins and templates to choose from, both free and paid, WordPress allows users to customize their websites not only to their own liking but the liking of their consumer base as well. Not everyone will agree that a design is attractive so it’s up to you to decide who your target audience is and determine what would appeal to them.

Whether it’s minimalistic with a splash of color or a vibrant background with whacky fonts, one thing is for certain: don’t overdo it. Websites should not be overwhelming or hard to use. Instead, make sure that they are user-friendly and appealing to your consumers. Adding certain features like Instagram integration, special offers received through email, digital downloads, and guides on your products will only add to the usability of your WordPress website and will help to increase your customer base. 

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