Wednesday, July 17

5 Ways to Increase your Staff Retention Rates

In a post-COVID world where businesses have opened up to the prospect of a world outside the 9-5 traditional environment that we would typically associate with work – employers have been forced to accept there may be other ways of working in order to ensure their employees are happy. If the mass walkouts of lockdown taught us nothing, it’s that there is a higher bar for standard from employers. Here we look at some ways you can ensure your team remains part of your company.

Consider Hybrid Working

The commute can be stressful for some people. Getting in late because trains are delayed, or busy tube stations creating a bit of havoc can be a pretty tricky start to the day for some people. That and the understanding that people can work remotely has seen a different attitude to working. As such, if you haven’t already incorporated hybrid working into your company culture it might be a good way forward.

Flexible Working Hours

People are also used to a more flexible approach in the hours that they work. It could be that they might want to start a little later to get the kids off to school, or that they want to finish a little earlier to pick them up. This can make all of the difference when recruiting for new talent and ensuring that you keep your existing team happy.

Bespoke Perks for your Company

Employee perks are something that are becoming increasingly prolific as part of the modern-day working culture. It’s now something that employees will expect as part of your team. There are great businesses such as who can help you create the perfect perks benefits system for your employees. The great thing about this tech is that it allows you great analytics to establish how engaged your employees are and understand your ROI.

Team Building Exercises

Culture is a massive part of creating a working environment that people want to continue working in. Making sure that employees can get to know one another, and bond is a great way to do that. Some workforces have regular social days such as summer socials, and Christmas nights out etc. – but other organizations go a step further with the likes of integrating workplace yoga or having specific team building days.

Keep them Engaged with Regular Feedback Meetings

One thing that some businesses forget, is that people need to have a voice within your organization. If you expect people to be fully committed, they need to feel part of the business. You should hold regular reviews, where they can have the opportunity to give their feedback on the organization. They can give their opinion on what’s working, well and potentially some feedback on what could be improved. Maybe they have more of a day-to-day insight on some of the operational of the company than those who are higher up in the hierarchical structure.

Establish a Training Budget

Progression is a big thing for any employee. That’s why training is critical, it helps employees move up the ladder. Make sure there is a training budget allocated to each department and role within your business. It could be that the team member themselves can choose the area they feel they need to upskill in to allow them to make further contributions within the business. 

If you have had issues with staff retention, or you are simply looking to revisit your policies to ensure you are keeping the talent within your organization – these items should be top on your agenda. You should have a much happier team, who will in turn become more productive.

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