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<strong>5 Ways to Increase your Staff Retention Rates</strong><strong></strong>

5 Ways to Increase your Staff Retention Rates

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In a post-COVID world where businesses have opened up to the prospect of a world outside the 9-5 traditional environment that we would typically associate with work - employers have been forced to accept there may be other ways of working in order to ensure their employees are happy. If the mass walkouts of lockdown taught us nothing, it’s that there is a higher bar for standard from employers. Here we look at some ways you can ensure your team remains part of your company. Consider Hybrid Working The commute can be stressful for some people. Getting in late because trains are delayed, or busy tube stations creating a bit of havoc can be a pretty tricky start to the day for some people. That and the understanding that people can work remotely has seen a different attitude to wor...