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5 Reasons Why You Need a Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing execution systems are being rapidly adopted by the industry because of their ease of use and the uncountable advantages they offer. In order to truly comprehend the advantages of using a manufacturing execution system, we need to get a basic overview of what exactly it is.

What is a manufacturing execution system?

Manufacturing execution system is a type of computerized system where products with their order details are tracked which then enables swift and robust each operation registration. This system has found several applications in manufacturing industries, where its extraordinary significance is put to test in the fields of managing and monitoring the process of production of finished goods on the factory floor.

Why should you opt for a manufacturing execution system?

As stated before, the ease and convenience provided by manufacturing execution system cannot be overemphasized. It has brought a true revolution in the process of manufacturing and its adoption can yield uncountable benefits. Let’s cast a cursory look at some of them.

Exponential Cost Savings

Once you have a good handle on how operations are being conducted, this process allows you to reduce the time and resources needed for production. Now that your entire system is computerized, your personnel can be focused on the most important tasks. It is the end of spending time filling in never-ending documentation. Key indicators real-time reporting allows managers have the current view on OEE. Changes may be implemented immediately, and effectiveness still increases. Using MES also helps to constantly update inventory records which allows the different production departments to be well aware of the needs. This allows no money to be wasted. Factors such as materials, scrap and labor are updated in real time which enables you to have an accurate cost estimate while simultaneously allowing you to remove unnecessary items; another cost cutting measure.

An example of a software that meets these assumptions is – ANT Software providing the user with all of these benefits thanks to the development of their own manufacturing execution system.

Yield of Higher Quality Products

Manufacturing execution system has methods in place where you can compare the current production standards to existing ones and this can help determine what is causing unwanted events. You can then work on those to achieve desirable results as you’d exactly know what area requires more attention. Through MES, the production process is consistently monitored so in case any issues arise, they can be dealt with effectively.

A bump in the Uptime

With the aid of MES, we can decrease downtime of production. Manufacturing execution system has maintenance scheduling software which takes a look at your schedule and automatically sets up maintenance sessions where it finds a vacancy to do so. This way there is an increase in uptime as the software is helping reduce any time wasted in setting up maintenance. MES software is exceptionally reliable and you can always bank on it.

Reduced need for paper notes and spreadsheets

Through the use of MES, you can have a paperless workflow. The system is equipped with machines that remove any need for manual data collection so there is no need for any entry to be made on paper. Production data is put in a format with improved security and accuracy. MES also replaces all spreadsheets that don’t communicate with the business system to avoid conflicts.

Improved Categorization of Products

Subject matching the theme of the portal allows you to have matching products in one portal. This allows you to properly group your inventory which comes in handy when you are exploring it to find a specific product.


Manufacturing Execution Systems have truly revolutionized the industry by completely revamping the way you interact with your business. By sectioning your inventory and having all that power in your fingertips allows you to save valuable resources and time which can then be invested later on in some other sector. Invest today for a better tomorrow.

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