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5 Easy Ways to Promote and Sell Your Artwork 

As a professional artist, you should not only restrict your career to the production of artwork. You need to look for ways to promote and sell your artwork. As much as you produce quality artworks, you need to promote them as extensively too.

You have to ensure your artworks reach the right audience, marking your artistic excellence across the world. Promoting and selling artworks should not be overwhelming, as there are easy ways to go about it. Here are five ways to promote and sell your artwork.

1. Create Your Goals

Your goals and objectives determine how far you can go in your artistic career. You need to establish your goals and think of how to achieve them. If you don’t have a precise goal, you might find it difficult to promote or even sell your artworks.

It would help if you asked yourself some questions when creating your goals. You have to think about what to achieve. Do you want to promote your name or your work? Do you want to promote your art styles? These questions and several others will help you channel your effort to your goal.

2. Create a Top-notch Portfolio

Promoting your artwork requires you to put more effort than you are putting in right now. You might be an established artist, but promoting your artwork without having a portfolio can seem challenging. You need to create a portfolio for you to begin promoting your artwork.

Promoting your artwork is like advertising a product. You need to show people your worth and how well you can give them what they want. Your portfolio should include several of your works. If you have good artworks to showcase, your portfolio will serve as a vote of trust for your audience.

3. Create Quality Content

Nothing sells more than having to provide quality service for your clients. Once you can produce top-notch artworks, you will be able to promote and sell them with ease. Providing quality artwork will attract good reviews from your clients, which can help you promote your artwork.

Creating nice and attractive descriptions alongside quality artwork can help promote and attract good sales for your artwork. People won’t buy or even get interested in your work if they are not sure of its quality. You need to provide them with quality wares to make good sales.

4. Make Photo Prints

Photo prints are one of the ways you can promote your artwork for good sales. Producing a final image of your artwork on paper can be an effective advertising technique. Create photo prints of your artwork and showcase them through relevant channels to promote your work.

Photo prints can serve as a handy portfolio of your artwork as you can easily access them. You can also show them to prospective clients to prove your artistic excellence to them. Photographic prints can go a long way in promoting your artwork.

5. Create a Website

You need to create a way people can get to you if they need your help. One of the best ways is to create a website. You can have your artwork on your website and place them for sale. You can also create ads and backlinks to ensure more audience for your website.

Clients can visit your website to view your array of artworks. They can also place an order for them, have a chat with you, and even propose more business deals. You can even use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., to get more audience.


Effectively promoting your artwork can help improve your sales. It can also help increase your fame as an artist and show your artistic excellence to the world. Don’t keep your career as an artist to yourself; show the world.

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