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3 Genius Business Ideas that Thrived During Lockdown in the UK

Covid-19 shocked the whole world at large and had a huge effect on businesses across the United Kingdom. With the multiple lockdowns that have been placed upon the community, many businesses have had to find ways to pivot through the lockdown to try and make an income.

Aside from many businesses having to change their approach, some did not and actually thrived right through the lockdowns with no worries and more customers and users.

Food Delivery Apps:

This was a genius way of delivering food to people’s houses that were introduced years ago but has been doing increasingly well due to the multiple lockdowns. Food delivery apps within the UK have been a solution for many catering organizations, venues, and many restaurants and everyday takeaways to keep running their businesses. 

It is a great method as the individual who may want food does not have to even leave their house to receive food at their doorstep. You may be thinking that you can do that by calling a takeaway, and yes you can, however, this method is very different.

Food delivery apps allow you to choose from a vast range of different takeaways and restaurants etc… to choose the best one for you. When clicking on a restaurant/takeaway you can see their hygienic ratings, locations, delivery hours, type of food, reviews, and much more stuff; this makes it a very good form of ordering food. This is one of the main reasons why this business approach has been doing so well.

Quite a few of the most popular apps within the United Kingdom are Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc.

Online Fitness Training:

Online fitness has taken the world by storm as so many people are trying to lose weight and get back into a healthy state. Lockdown has led many people to gain a lot of weight but also has given people a lot more time to engage in exercise and intense body transformations. 

During the lockdown, many gyms across the UK were shut down which caused a lot of anxiety and stress for gym-goers and the fitness business. However, these clever fitness trainers came up with a way where they can support their local community and many more in losing weight and improving health. Many online fitness training websites and channels have been set up to help people continue their workouts but at home, this method has proven to be efficient and great as many people are finding out that they can still be fit without going to the gym.

This pivoting strategy has astonished many across the United Kingdom and even across the world.

Spa boxes:

The curse of Covid-19 has caused a stop to many spa services which have been devastating to the beauty and health field. However, this great pivoting idea which quite a lot of spas have been doing has helped them save their business during the lockdown. This has also allowed many people to access the beauty care they love at home. 

Spa boxes are all unique to the spa that provides them as many spas have their own unique treatment methods which is what the consumer expects. These carefully put-together spa treatment boxes are designed to allow the consumer to treat themselves with the spa treatments that they love. The boxes contain instructions on how to do treatments and provide everything required for them, the boxes are directly delivered to the consumer’s house.

These spa boxes have allowed many spas to continue running their business but just in a different manner during the pandemic.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and that you are inspired by these great pivoting ideas.

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