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10 Powerful Ways To Build Customer Rapport

Creating a better customer experience is essential for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition. While you might think that creating an attractive business website and sharing your products or services on social media are enough, it might not help you engage with your customers adequately. That’s why you need to develop other ways of engaging with your customers to help retain and build a rapport with them.

Rapport is one of the customer support skills you should strive to possess. It helps create a positive connection and trust with your customers that enable you to serve them better.  

Communication is essential when it comes to building customer rapport. It helps you keep in contact with your customers, which might help generate more sales. You can communicate with your customers in many ways, but the easiest and simple way is through text messages. To effectively communicate with your customers through text messages, you need to work with a business texting service provider. 

This article has all that you need to know about building rapport with the customers to help engage well with them. Read on.

  • Address Them Correctly

Correctly addressing your customers is an important thing you must learn if you want to build customer rapport. This can include even how you approach them. When approaching your customers, it’s essential to first greet them and address them by their names instead of immediately asking about their issues. It makes them feel welcomed. 

When addressing customers correctly, keeping a record of customers’ naming preferences on
customer service account notes can be helpful. Some people prefer to be named after their
profession, such as calling them ‘doctor’ or ‘attorney.’ Others prefer to be called Miss or Mister,
associated with their social status and influenced by culture and traditions.

Consider having a self-hosted help desk linked to your customer relationship management
(CRM) software to make things easier. That way, your customer service representatives can
quickly pull up customer information, address your customers correctly, and provide them with
more accurate answers to their questions and concerns.

Furthermore, Keep mentioning their names throughout your conversation to increase familiarity. Also, to avoid falling into conflicts with your customers, be sure to pronounce their names correctly. If you’re unsure how to pronounce their names, ask them to help you with the correct pronunciation. 

  • Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself is another crucial aspect you must consider when talking to a customer. The best way to introduce yourself is by telling them your name and who you are in the company. This will help your customer feel comfortable talking with you and help develop a positive relationship. 

  • Show Empathy

One of the major reasons why customers might contact you is that they might be in dire need of your products or services. They believe that your business can help solve their problems. This calls for your empathy when responding to their queries. 

Being empathetic to customers’ problems helps create trust with them. It’s one of the best ways to show customers that you value them. When talking to them, show them that they are your top priority. This will help them feel that you’re taking their concerns very seriously. Thus, they’ll be willing to continue seeking your services which, will help build long-term customer relationships.

  • Be Honest To Your Customers

Being honest is one of the best ways to build better relationships. If a customer asks you for something that you’re unsure of, be honest and tell them that you’re uncertain about it. Then, make efforts to consult your colleagues. 

Assure the customer that you’re going to get the right answer to their queries in no time. This will help the customer know that you’re eager and willing to solve their problems authentically.

When you get back to the customer, be sure to apologize for keeping them waiting for you. Also, appreciate them for being patient and assure them that you’ll have their questions quickly answered next time they contact you. That assurance will make them feel comfortable interacting with you and will help build better relationships.

  • Let Angry Customers Talk Freely

Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to engage and build rapport with angry customers. These might be customers who’ve had a bad experience with your company. The best way to deal with such customers is to allow them to get it all out without interfering with them. If you interfere with them, you might irritate them, and that’ll make the situation worse. 

Even if you believe you can help solve their problems, be sure not to cut them off when they’re talking. So, it would be helpful to wait until the angry customers stop talking. When you get an opportunity to speak, assure them that you’ve recognized and understood their problems, and then provide a solution.

  • Don’t Overpromise

Sometimes, it can be tempting to overpromise what you can’t deliver. Not delivering what you promised might disappoint your customers, and they might immediately stop seeking your services. So, instead of making false promises, ask the customer to wait for a few minutes while you seek clarification from the relevant person. 

  • Ask Your Customers For Feedback

Getting customers’ feedback is one way to allow them to express their feelings about your business. Ask for their feedback to show that you listen and care about them. 

Customers’ feedback helps you meet their needs adequately. So, be careful to listen to their feedback, be it a compliment or a complaint, and be sure to address their concerns. Addressing their concerns will help satisfy them and will help build customer rapport in the long run. 

  • Reassure Your Customers

When talking to your customers, it’s essential to reassure them that their problems will be solved immediately. And, if it’ll take long to solve, promise them that you’ll follow up until they get what they’re looking for.

Also, reassure them that you’ll keep updating them about the progress and the steps you’re taking to have their problems solved. Reassuring your customers helps them believe in your promises, and it’s one of the best ways of building rapport with them. 

  • Mirror The Customer

Mirroring your customers is one of the customer service skills that can help satisfy them. It includes understanding their situations through reading their mind to understand their thoughts. 

If you feel the customer is in a good mood, talk to them in a joyous mood. But, if they appear angry, show them that you understand their situation and sympathize with them.

  • Appreciate Your Customers

Appreciating your customers should be the last thing to do before ending that conversation. Thank them for contacting you, and tell them to always to contact you whenever they have a problem. This shows you value them, and you’re ready to help them find a solution to their problems. 


Building customer rapport is one of the best ways to build trust with your customers. It’s also the best way to interact with them and help market your business. Following the tips mentioned above will help build rapport with your customers. 

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