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Your Best Guide to Art Deco Windows: Their History, Their Looks, and More

Art deco window.

There are many different types of windows, most of which are still widely used today – sash windows, casement windows, bay windows, picture windows, tilt and turn windows, and more. But whilst we all have a general idea of the different types of windows, there are also window styles and designs – some of which were very popular in the early part of the century. One of the most popular window styles is the art deco window, and some homeowners are still lucky enough to have them – and if you are one of those lucky ones, you can have those art deco windows replaced or restored! They do have a distinctive appeal – but what makes them so unique? Here’s your best guide to art deco windows: their history, looks, and more.

The history of art deco

Art deco was a memorable and distinct movement that influenced the architecture at the time, most notably the windows and doors. The windows were first seen in Paris in the early part of the 1900s, and homes in the United Kingdom first began exhibiting this style of window in the 1930s. As you may already know, the art deco window is quite distinct from the classic style of window that’s normally seen in many abodes in the UK, and it quickly became popular because of its unique appeal.

It was famous for many reasons but is most popular due to its clean, elegant lines and curved glass sections. Unfortunately, not many homes or properties have this kind of window any longer, so if you are one of the fortunate ones who still have art deco windows or doors on their property, don’t waste them – you can easily have them replaced. Many specialists in art dec windows would be happy to replace them.

Replacing art deco windows

But this brings us to one factor which you should know about: if you are thinking of having your art deco windows replaced, you should know that they will be more challenging to replace than your standard windows. More often than not, you will need to remove the windows entirely instead of merely replacing them with a new version – doing this allows you to retain the look and feel of your art deco window and lets you retain a bit of their history as well. But it’s worth noting that some window specialists can now restore them whilst retaining their famous design.

Additionally, you can make your art deco windows even better with the addition of double glazing, which enhances their thermal insulation – although they would still look like they have only single glazing.

If you have art deco doors, you will be happy to know that the fashion for art deco doors has not changed much – in fact, art deco doors are still seen in many properties today. If your home has both art deco doors and windows, it will look more uniform since it has one theme throughout. You can also opt for art deco doors to pair or match with your art deco windows, which gives your property a whole finished appeal – and gives your entire home or property one singular, unique style.

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