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8 Brilliant Auditing Ideas to Improve the UX of Your WordPress Website


UX design is not more of a unique feature but it is surely a vital factor for the success of your website.

A WordPress website with a pleasant UX has the chance to draw the attention of the visitors and navigate swiftly around the website.

The designing team faces problems such as a lack of coordination of what users want and what they provide.

If you think that the users will easily make a purchase or subscribe to the newsletter, no they won’t, until they are not getting what they are searching for.

The foremost reason for this confusion is due to the UI/UX design of the website.

Luckily, we have some super methods that can transform your online presence with the help of user experience audit. If you feel that you don’t have the time nor expertise, you can also get help from a UX Design Agency.

Let’s analyze what are the essential steps of the UX audit and how it is important for the success of your website.

Why is the UX Important for a WordPress site?

UX deals with all the features of the website which makes the experience more enjoyable for the audience so that they can easily navigate on the website.

Some key characteristics like speed, navigation, readability, and site performance are some of the factors that are included in the UX of your website.

In simple words, if you want your website to be at the edge of success, you have to focus on improving the UX.

You have to believe that every visitor who is coming to your website has a reason.

The reason could be anything like reading blogs, buying products or searching for something.

Be aware: If visitors do not get what they want, there are high chances that they will never look back to your website and jump to your competitors.

What is UX Auditing and how can You Improve the Website UX?

UX audit is all about assembling the knowledge about the visitor’s activities on the website. It explains both the source and the problem areas which can be helpful to enhance the user experience.

Here are some of the simple steps through which you can enhance the UX of your website. Before that, let us know more about the UX audit.

Think Like Your Users

Everyone is in this race to come with a user-friendly website, but it is not as easy as gulping your favorite red velvet ice cream.

Reason? Yes, you cannot always know the intentions and the perspective of the users.

As the sole owner of the website, you probably would be knowing the brass tracks of your website, but the goal is your user should not find them.

There are instances where you do not even know about the roadblocks in your website. Ensure you remove these barriers as fast as possible so your users could have the sweet sailing ride to your website.

In order to observe the site from an audience’s point of view, you have to focus on the objective of your website and its usefulness to the audience.

You can also employ the user personas to reach the objective. This tool also helps in finding the missing features from the user’s point of view. Through this tool, you can find the correct method to establish the website’s performance.

Collect and Analyze the Weak Points of the Site

As we already know UX related data is the most significant factor to undertake the relevant UX auditing.

For example; The bounce rate of the website would ensure whether the user likes the site in the first place.

If your users are visiting some pages and immediately leaves the page, it means there are some faults in content or the navigational factor.

You can use the MonsterInsights, a WordPress plugin to help you find the information regarding the user behavior.

It is important to consider the user metrics through the behavior flow and the keywords.

Try to include the important content on the main menu and impose links to the informative posts which your users are looking for.

The behavior flows also helps the users to study the website and churn up the dead ends.

Take Opinions of Your Subordinates, Relatives or Strangers

It is always better to include more hands rather than analyzing everything on your own.

It is crucial to take outsider’s opinions in order to understand the performance of the website and whether it is fruitful for the customers.

Ask your subordinates to give unbiased opinions to resolve the website queries more quickly.

You can ask anyone like your friends, colleagues, relatives, or a complete stranger to check your website to get responsive feedback.

Sometimes the things others can see on your website, you cannot see.

The good news is, you can take WordPress development services from professionals to get valuable inputs. They can easily find loopholes and give practical ways to eradicate it.

Some templates are also useful to undertake the survey regarding UX. Through such a survey, you can get reliable opinions from the user’s point of view.

Always remember that your visitors will be the most convenient source to get the best suggestions for your website’s performance.

Ensure Your Website is Responsive

As per one survey, 52% of the users feel that poor UX on mobile devices can reduce the chances of engagement with the company or a brand.

Everyone has mobile phones and we cannot deny the fact that our lives are more comfortable today due to this tiny yet effective device.

It also means that today the website owner cannot ignore the responsive factor of the website.

Advancement in the UX can improve the conversion rate and also ensure the website’s performance in mobile devices.

Moreover, page load time is also one of the factors which must be taken into account when it comes to making a mobile-friendly website.

There are also instances when the website does not work properly for mobile devices. Reason? In the desktop layout, the landscape orientation can be displayed smoothly, whereas the mobile devices have a narrow landscape with attention to the vertical design.

Zoom-ins or scrolling are the biggest issues when it comes to the user experience on mobile devices. Therefore, you have to take certain steps to resolve them.

It’s time to Improve the Website

When you are done with examining the WordPress site from top to bottom, asking people about it and collecting the data of user behavior, you have done the crash course to improve your WordPress website.

List down all the points which you have formulated from the UX audit. This will guide you to make clear changes in the functioning process.

There are other factors that must be taken into consideration to remove the queries from the website. Have a look!

  • Create fonts and format texts in the article according to your user preferences;
  • Examine whether the menu is suitable for every web page;
  • Ensure the page titles also suggest the theme of the page;
  • Create the most powerful call to action buttons and create compelling landing pages;
  • Make additional posts that go well with the related post;
  • Optimize your content and images to get the benefits in the long run;
  • Empower CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Caching for robust results.

Besides that, if you cannot make all the changes at once, focus on the features which are important to be taken care of initially like the content framework.

If you help your users to achieve their goals, ultimately, it is your benefit as they will visit your site again and again. Ensure you do the research of the industry you are working in to ensure the final transformation of your website.

Moreover, not everyone is an expert in everything so if you think you cannot resolve all the queries on your own, you can take assistance from a popular WordPress web development company. They have the best in market practices to ensure your site visibility.

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