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Build a Successful Website in 6 Short Steps

Build a Successful Website

With the kind of competition on the internet, it’s not enough to just have a website. It would help if you created something your customers will be happy to use.

Otherwise, they will leave your website and find their desired products and services elsewhere.

Use these simple tips to build a successful website.

1. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

For your website to be effective, it needs to be mobile responsive. According to reliable sources, at least 50 percent of American adults spend up to five hours on the internet each day. A higher percentage of individuals do their shopping on the internet.

Therefore, your site should provide one of the best mobile experiences. If customers struggle to use your website on their mobile devices, they’ll abandon your business and go to your competitors. Also, a negative experience on your website will affect its overall ranking on SERPs.

2. Improve Loading Speed

Research indicates that around 88.5 percent of internet users will leave a website if it takes too long to load. Also, the amount of time a site takes to load will affect the purchase decision of around 70 percent of internet users. That alone should show you the importance of loading speed.

It would be best to ensure that your website runs smoothly. To do that, regularly check to ascertain that your software and WordPress plug-ins are up-to-date. Suppose your site has images and videos—in that case, it would be best if you optimized them for faster downloads.

3. Budget Properly

Once you start a website, you should be ready to spend some money on it. Some brands spend a lot of money to create websites, but they end up launching poor marketing campaigns that do not bring the desired ROI. Even on a fixed budget, you should budget enough financial resources to make your website successful.

Unless you have a reasonable budget, you might throw your website away before you make any profit from it. It’s advisable to work with a financial expert and a WordPress support company to keep you on the right track.

4. Understand the Importance of SEO

Many companies understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for their success, but they don’t know how it works or how they can use it to gain a competitive advantage. You don’t want to be like them.

As soon as you start a website, you also need to learn SEO fundamentals.

SEO is quite technical, and it goes far beyond what’s on the page. Unless you know how it works, your website might not perform to its fullest potential. First, you should be sure that the content of your page can be indexed, and then keep learning the rest with time.

5. Have a Call to Action

Each page should ask and encourage the readers to take an action on that specific page. This is what is known as a call to action. The landing pages should invite visitors to do something, such as call you, make a purchase, leave their email address, etc.

These actions should benefit your business in one way or another. For instance, perhaps your visitors could download a list of your products and services or share a piece of your content on social media. Without an excellent call to action, the performance of your business will be lacking in this matter.

6. Use a Simple Design

Colors, GIFs, and fonts are some of the best ways to make users fall in love with your website design. However, your site will look clustered if you have too many of them. Many online users will find it unattractive, and that’s not what you want to achieve with your site.

This takes us back to loading speed and mobile responsiveness. Too many features on your website will slow it down. We’ve already seen what’s likely to happen when your site or blog takes ages to load. Therefore, strive to keep the design simple.


To make your website stand out, you need to:

1. Make it mobile responsive

2. Improve loading speed

3. Budget properly

4. Understand the importance of SEO

5. Have a call to action

6. Use a simple design


Did you know that you can use these simple tips and improve your site’s performance in just days? If you understand how SEO works and improve your site’s loading speed, you’ll attract and keep more potential buyers. Therefore, use these simple pointers to stand out from the competition.

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