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4 Super Tips to Gain Instant Traction on Twitter

4 Super Tips to Gain Instant Traction on Twitter

Is your Twitter marketing going slow and do you have a hard time gaining any traction on there?

Do not worry. The competition on Twitter is getting bigger but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gain massive traction on the platform.

The competition is not the only thing that has changed on Twitter either. The way businesses interacts with customers has also changed so it is important that you don’t live in the past and can quickly adapt to new changes on Twitter.

With the help of these super effective tips, you can gain instant traction and increase your growth rate on Twitter.

1. Optimize your profile.

Since this is the first thing that people are greeted by on your profile, it is important that you make it presentable.


There are many ways that you can optimize your Twitter bio on but your main focus should be the “about” section.

Having a good or bad bio can be the deciding factor if people decide to tap follow or not, so do your absolute best to make it as good as possible.

When writing your bio, think about including your most important details such as a description, business, website etc. In short, focus on creating a bio that is easy to read.

2. Share consistent high-quality content.

Most social media is all about posting high-quality consistent content in order to grow and this is often one of the biggest challenges for people on Twitter because knowing what to post about and what photos to use can be quite difficult sometimes.

Think about your followers and what they might enjoy and try to adapt your content accordingly. Here are some tips that might help you find new ideas to what you should post:

Quality control

  • Examples of good work/services provided that your business has been involved in
  • Interesting developments in your field of expertise
  • Other happenings in your general industry.
  • Funny incidents that happen while you and your team are at work
  • Upload pictures of the work that you do or services that you provide
  • The location of your business or your next job if you are mainly involved in field work
  • Commenting on where you are located or things around you
  • Sharing links to articles or sites you find interesting
  • Tagging your friends on interesting comments,
  • Engaging in self-promotion by discussing your ideas or things you are campaigning for
  • Poetic thoughts or phrases, song lyrics, etc.
  • Sneak peeks or inside information of your business

Now that you (hopefully) have come up with something to tweet-wheter it is a photo or a tweet, you should always aim on doing it in high-quality.

If you are tweeting:

  • Avoid misspellings
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Adapt your language to the recipients

If you are posting photos:

  • Make sure your photo quality is as high as possible
  • Avoid posting blurry photos
  • Bright pictures often get more engagement

Now to the last recommendation. Remember to keep posting regularly because this is really important to growing on Twitter. Always keep your followers updated and let them know you are still around.

3. Cross promote on your blog.

If you have a blog, why not use it to promote your Twitter account? Add your Twitter link in each blog post and why not ask your newsletter subscribers to follow you on there?


Some tips to how you can market your Twitter page on your blog:

  • Newsletter marketing
  • Blog popup
  • Links in articles

4. Use hashtags.

Twitter hashtags have many perks but most importantly, they can help you gain instant traction.

Hashtags have long been an important tool on Twitter for helping users organize and sort their tweets. Using hashtags is a great way to make people that are truly interested in your Tweets find them, and since the content you put out should be somehow relevant to the tags you are using, they often generate good results.

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