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Ways to Reward Customer Loyalty

Ways to Reward Customer Loyalty

Surprising a customer with something positive always works. Send out little presents to your best clients at non standard times. For example, don’t send a Christmas card but send something a few weeks earlier at another national holiday. It surprises clients and truly intensifies the bounds.

Some basic Ways to Reward Customer Loyalty:
1. Treat your clients the way you would like to be treated yourself.
2. Be sincere
3. Be different

1. Understanding the emotion behind every transaction. One of the biggest mistakes that most brands do, which invariably result in churn, is that they tend to look at every customer only as a means to make a transaction. Dehumanizing business is disastrous to any brand in any industry. One has GOT TO remember that at the end of the day, the main reason that a person brings his business to you is because you address a certain need of his and that in itself is an emotion. Every business addresses an emotion and to respect that emotion is the first step to understanding customer behaviour.

2. When you take away that flaw, you will begin empathizing with your customer and that in turn leads to a more sensible and sensitive association. You will notice that people start treating your brand differently even if you make small changes in your client-facing etiquette like welcoming customers with a smile, building a genuine bond with every single one of them even if it is a very short interaction. empathy is key to trust.

3. Once you have established a certain level of genuine interaction with the client, ask for a feedback even if he has not made a purchase. And don’t just collect feedback for the sake of it. Start observing trends and understand your pain points. Thank them for giving you insight into your drawbacks and make sure you inform them once you have fixed the. Offer them an incentive so as to encourage them to come back and revisit their experience with you. This will surely change their perception of your brand because everyone loves to be heard.

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4. Customer loyalty has everything to do with trust. And trust never comes cheaply! You will have to earn it. Client-facing employees must be inspired to put their best foot forward every single day and this also does not happen over night! Leave no stone unturned in telling your employees that they are the pillars of your business and that their attitude will directly reflect upon the customer’s experience with the brand. We can all read through a fake smile just as much as we can perceive a brand that just impresses customers for the sake of it. Build a culture of cheerfulness and delight and this is more contagious that you’d imagine!

5.Since you used the word “maintain”, this would be the last point. Only when you have taken the first step towards retaining your customers, will you be able to be at it persistently deliver. It pays to understand that customers ALWAYS have a choice to take their business elsewhere so customer delight has to be delivered every-single-time, relentlessly and genuinely.

We need to understand that customer loyalty cannot be bought or inspired overnight. It is a process that begins intra-organizationally and when customer-centricity becomes your prime priority, it will surely lead to a boost in your profits. And why would anyone want to leave a brand when they are constantly delighted?

These were some of the most important tips and Ways to Reward Customer Loyalty. Feel free to share it if you found it helpful and comment below if you have any further questions!

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