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Video Poker Card Combinations: Which Ones Pay a Lot and Which Ones Should Be Dropped?

A royal flush is the highest paying card combination. It’s the most powerful hand that a gamer can make when playing video poker. This combination comprises five cards of 10-J-Q-K-A of a similar suit. A-K-Q-J-10 of hearts is an example of a royal flush. 

The payout for royal flushes generally ranges from 200 to 300 times the bet amount. For Jacks or Better, a royal flush payout is 250 times the bet size. Don’t forget that most video poker games come with bonuses for players that bet the maximum coins. 

What’s more, royal flushes are great for progressive real money video poker. That’s because the first player to have a royal flush gets the jackpot. And, the royal flush should be dealt with on a deal and not after drawing. 

Straight Flush

This is also a great poker card combination. A straight flush has 5 sequential cards of a similar suit. However, they should not be only 10-J-Q-K-A because that is a royal flush. 2-3-4-5-6 of hearts is a good straight flush example. 

When playing the standard Jacks or Better game, making a straight flush can get you a payout of 50 times your bet. A player has one in 72,000 hands as the odds of getting a straight flush during the first deal. Bear in mind that these odds can increase considerably when the draw is included in the calculation. 

Four of a Kind

This is the third-best video poker combination. A player needs to make four cards of a similar denomination to have four of a kind. A-A-A-A-4 is an example of four of a kind.

The payout for four of a kind ranges from 20 to 30 times the bet size. For instance, the payout for the normal Jacks or Better is 25x for four of a kind. A player has 1 in 4,000 hands as the odds of making a four of a kind during the initial deal. 

The tweak on the four of a kind game is that if a player gets a four of a kind deuces when playing Deuces Wild, they get a payout amounting to 200x their bet.

Low Paying Video Poker Card Combinations

Now that you know the highest paying video poker card combinations, it’s crucial to know the lowest paying hands. Here are the card combinations with the lowest payouts.


This is one of the last video poker card combinations to qualify for a payout. It comprises 1 of a similar card. An example of a pair combination is A-A-K-Q-4. The payout for this combination is 1x in a video game. 

Two Pair

This video poker card combination comprises 2 pairs of different cards. A two pair example is 2-2-K-K-A. The payout for Two Pair is usually 2x the initial bet when playing Jacks or Better. 

The Bottom Line

The payout that a player gets depends on the video poker game that they play and the card combination or hand that they make. Essentially, you can’t win a good amount if you choose low pay video poker games. Therefore, understand the rules of any video poker game before you start playing and then come up with a strategy for making the highest winning card combination and experience fun and excitement when you play

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