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Travel on A Budget to Bogota, Colombia

Travel on A Budget to Bogota, Colombia

If you are planning a trip to Colombia, you may want to consider the many holiday Bogota short term rentals apartments and accommodations available. These rental flats have all of the comforts of home, and many can be rented for only a few days at a time or several weeks, depending on your needs. 

They come in different sizes to accommodate all types of families or groups. Bogota’s holiday apartments will keep you close to the city’s biggest attractions, yet are quite affordable.

The amenities in these rental flats make them very attractive to travelers looking for a comfortable place to unwind after a day of sightseeing. They also provide a safe and secure place for one to stay while in Bogota. 

The accommodations themselves can have anywhere from one to four bedrooms, making them as suitable for a couple as they are for a large family. Compared to the standard hotel rooms, these apartments give families a chance to spread out. 

Children don’t feel as confined, and with separate bedrooms, the parents can enjoy their privacy. Most include one to two bathrooms accordingly. 

Several of even the cheaper apartments have balconies with exceptional views of the city of Bogota. 

The ones with an actual terrace are wonderful. They allow you plenty of space to sit outside and enjoy your surroundings. Terraces are furnished with tables, chairs, and lounges. Inside the rental flats, you will be supplied with all of the necessary linens and towels. 

For entertainment purposes, several Bogota short term rentals will come with satellite TV and DVD players. If having internet access is important for you, then be sure to ask about it when booking a rental apartment. Air conditioning and heating are pretty standard in most holiday accommodations.

Rental apartments are scattered throughout the city of Bogota, allowing you to stay close to all of the major attractions you have in mind. One of the best locations is the flats that sit along the beach.

The beaches along their Mediterranean coast are beautiful. Holiday apartments there have balconies and terraces with spectacular views of the water. They also keep you within walking distance of all the beaches have to offer, such as the terrific seafood restaurants. 

Vacationing overseas or abroad is a dream for many travelers. However, many are afraid to go because they believe the region is only a playground for the rich and famous. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Bogota offers plenty of opportunities for those with even a modest budget. It’s simply a matter of knowing how to travel, where to stay, and what types of things to do.


The first thing to consider for a budget vacation overseas is your accommodations. You get more bang for your buck when you stay away from hotels. Instead, look for a holiday home. 

There are plenty of vacation rentals available through private owners who rent their properties by the week or month.

Vacation rentals overseas can save you money straight up on the nightly rate. But you’ll enjoy savings in other ways too. For example:

• A holiday home allows you to cook for yourself

• You can share the cost by traveling with family members or friends

• The “cost-of-living” will be cheaper away from the larger cities.

Traveling with friends or family members is one of the best ways to see certain places across the world on a budget. However, keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment with your travel companions. 

You can share the cost of the rental but go your separate ways during the day – if you so desire.

Off-Peak Season

There are three primary travel seasons in the Mediterranean region: peak season, shoulder season, and off-peak season. Peak season runs from March through the end of August; off-peak is typically November through March; everything else counts as shoulder season.

If you are willing to travel during off-peak, you’ll save a ton of cash. Airfares are hundreds of dollars less, vacation rentals cost less, and even the costs associated with dining and sightseeing are substantially less. 

As travel guides put it, the off-peak season means you’ll pay less and have it “all to yourself.”

With so many benefits to renting a holiday apartment while staying in Bogota, it only makes sense to look into these short term rentals. You will have all of the comforts of home within steps of the city’s best attractions.

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