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Transcription Services 7 Benefits for Business

audio-to-text transcription is the conversion of recorded speech, conversations, interviews or films to written texts. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be able to produce high-quality, accurate texts. audio-to-text transcription services are gaining popularity among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because they help them offer resources to their audiences in a form which is not only easy to understand but also easy to share.  Here are some of the benefits of using professional audio to text transcription services.   

1. Enhanced accessibility  

Over 35 million Americans rely on transcripts for getting first-hand information. Therefore by converting your audios into written texts, it makes it easier for your target audience to access the contents. This is especially crucial when launching new products, and you want the speech shared during the launch to be captured by a more extensive client base.   

2. Optimize your contents for easy indexing by search engines  

By converting important speech, and video clips to the written word, you make it easier for the information to be indexed by the search engine. This is beneficial in helping your clients to find you easily when they search online for the information contained in the transcripts. Perhaps you may only need to upload the video/ recorded speech on the same page to back it up with the content.   

3. Makes it easy to repurpose the contents  

If you want for a creative way of repurposing your content, then you should transcribe the audio files to text. By using superior audio to text converter tool, you make it easier to select high-value points and even tweet them to your prospects. You can also use the contents in your campaign materials to drive engagement for strong growth. You can also use the contents to come up with high-value guides to show your prospects how to use your products.   

4. It increases your content shares  

Now that your contents are easily discoverable, it makes it easy for most people to access, read and even share them. Besides, during your podcasts, it’s possible that you touched on the previous topics you had talked about. When you transcribe audio to text, it’s easy to add links in the contents for your audience to refer back to the previous contents easily. This will not only play a pivotal role in increasing your client base but will also increase your web traffic for an increased ROI.   

5. It helps you store important information for future reference.  

It’s way much easier to lose audio, and video files, e.g., through a virus, and malware attacks on your system. If you didn’t back up the data, you could lose them entirely. This is where the audio to text converter online services come to your rescue. They help you convert the audio and video files to word contents which you can publish/store in web pages and archives for ease of future reference.    

6. It promotes diversity  

When delivering project reports, your primary goal is to reach your entire audience. By only sharing audio files, you limit your hearing-impaired prospects from accessing them. Therefore if you transcribe the audios, you also make it easy for hearing impaired audience also to get updated on the current events. It also makes it easy for them to understand your brand.   

7. Helps reduce the workload for enhanced productivity  

It’s possible that you may be having in-house project managers and transcriptionists. There comes a time when the workload gets higher, and it becomes hectic juggling multiple tasks at the same time. When this situation isn’t addressed in time, you may end up incurring losses due to late turnaround times for projects and reduced quality in the HR department.  With excellent transcription services at hand, you get essential projects completed on time so employees can focus on more vital aspects.   

Finally, if you’re looking for high-quality transcripts within quick turnaround times, it’s crucial that you partner with high-quality audio to text transcription service like Audext.com. It’s an excellent audio to text converter that uses AI to convert different audio files to texts accurately. Once you’re done with the transcription, you can easily edit the converted texts to achieve the desired format. Audext is also great in identifying speakers and also formatting the texts in regards to the speech of each speaker.

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