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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bidet: Features to Look For and Common Misconceptions

The bidet is ideal for those looking to upgrade their bathroom experience and add a touch of luxury. This ultimate guide to buying a bidet will help you understand the features to look for and dispel common misconceptions about these handy devices.

Features to Look at When Buying a Bidet

This simple device offers several benefits that range from hygiene to convenience and comfort. But with so many different models on the market, knowing which is right for you can be challenging.

Size of the Bidet

The size of a bidet can have a major impact on how comfortable and efficient your experience will be. A smaller bidet may be ideal for those with limited space but may offer a different comfort level. Therefore, it is important to consider the size of the bidet when making a purchase. 

The larger models generally provide more room for your buttocks and thighs, allowing for better coverage and cleaning. Be sure to check the measurements of each bidet you are considering, ensuring it will fit in your bathroom and provide the level of comfort you need.

Check the Water Pressure

A bidet with higher water pressure will provide a more thorough cleanse than one with lower water pressure. High-pressure water can also help to reach areas that are difficult to clean with a low-pressure stream. 

Check the water pressure specifications before purchasing a bidet and ensure it is compatible with your existing plumbing system. Additionally, if you are considering an electronic bidet, confirm that it has adjustable spray nozzles that allow you to adjust the water pressure for increased comfort and convenience

Consider a Bidet with a Deodorizer

When looking to purchase a bidet, one of the features to consider is odor control. Most bidets come with a deodorizer that helps combat unwanted smells, keeping your bathroom fresh and clean. The deodorizer uses natural or chemical technologies to neutralize odors, capture airborne molecules, and bind them to prevent them from being released into the air. 

Depending on the type of bidet you purchase, the deodorizer may be built-in or an add-on accessory. With a built-in deodorizer, there is no need to buy additional products or accessories to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. The deodorizer will activate when you press the start button on your bidet. 

Consider Automatic Flush Feature

An automatic flush feature has a built-in sensor that detects when someone sits on the bidet and automatically flushes the water after use. This feature ensures hands-free flushing and eliminates the need to touch buttons or handles on the bidet. It also helps conserve water, using only a small amount for each flush.

Drying Functionality

With a drying feature, a bidet is more convenient and provides better hygiene than traditional toilet paper. Depending on the model, some of these devices come with a heated air dryer that helps to eliminate any remaining moisture, leaving you feeling completely clean and refreshed. With this added feature, bidet users can avoid potential irritation and friction that could otherwise occur when using toilet paper. 

Typical Bidet Misconceptions

From thinking they take up too much space to believing women can only use them, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Understanding the truth behind these common myths will help you make an informed decision when selecting a bidet for your home. 

• Take a lot of space – Since there are now so many options for integrated or wall-mounted versions, a bidet only occasionally takes up more space. This bidet fits neatly into your existing bathroom setup, so you can still enjoy the added convenience without sacrificing floor space. 

• Only for women – Although women may benefit the most from using a bidet, this hygiene device is not only reserved for female use. Besides, many cultures have used bidet to cleanse and refresh themselves after using the toilet for centuries. Men can enjoy the same clean feeling and improved hygiene using a bidet. 

• Expensive – The cost of a bidet depends on the type and features you choose, but there are many affordable models out there. 

Bottom Line

Buying a bidet is not only a great way to maximize your bathroom comforts and health, but it is also a valuable investment. With the right features and an understanding of common misconceptions, you can find the perfect bidet to fit your needs and lifestyle. Also, remember to check that the model offers adjustable settings so you can use them accordingly, depending on your comfort level.

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