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The Most Common Types of Accumulator Promotions for Sports Betting that you can Try Out

Online bookmakers have the uneasy task of going head to head with their land-based counterparts. Both places want to accumulate as many new clients as possible because betting on sports is becoming increasingly popular in some countries around the world.

Land-based shops do all sorts of tricks, such as offering their clients different types of small surprises. Sadly, only a handful of them provide their users with bonuses, which is where online bookmakers shine. Even some of the brands that don’t have a lot of experience know that they need a lot of offers in order to satisfy their punters.

If you visit some of the biggest gambling sites and check their promo sections, you will find different types of rewards. Besides the popular deposit offers, you can often come across free bets and cashbacks. What’s even more impressive is that some operators have all kinds of Accumulator promotions. Most users love these rewards because they work only if they wager on multiple events. Since most punters do that daily, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are 4 different types of bonuses available for BWIN and its sportsbook, and two of them are special accumulator offers.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of Acca boosts you can find and learn how they work. If you ever come across some of them, make sure to read their Terms and Conditions because there might be many additional options you can choose from.

The Classic

The first variation of the Accumulator offer is often called “the classic” because you will find it on many gambling platforms. Although there are some small differences, usually, you will be required to place a bet where you try to predict a certain number of events. If you manage to do that successfully, the bookie will provide you with an additional amount of money or a percentage on top of your winnings.

Even though most online bookies will give you access to the same reward, each brand has different conditions that you must adhere to. The most important thing you need to check is the number of events you have to bet on. Most bookmakers require their customers to punt on at least five selections, but there are cases where you must wager on over 10 different matches.

Besides the number of events, you also need to be careful which markets you choose and the minimum odds requirement. Some online bookmakers allow their punters to use this offer only if they wager on the 1×2 option. In other words, you won’t be able to try out any of the handicaps or other special options. Needless to say, you also have to pay special attention to the minimum odds because every Acca boost has this requirement.

The cashback Acca Boost

The second type of Acca boost can be found once you read the Bwin bonus code from Efirbet, and it is also available on several other betting platforms. Similar to the first promo, this one also requires users to wager on multiple events. However, instead of providing them with additional money for predicting them, this promotion will let users get a full refund if they don’t predict one (or more) matches. In other words, this bonus will give you the chance to take more risks because the bookie could return your stake as long as you adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

Just like any other Acca offer, this one works only if you punt on five or even more matches. Typically, online bookies will give you a refund if you don’t predict one event. However, if you place a bet on more than 10 selections, you will get cashback if you don’t guess the outcome of two matches. The same applies to 15 and 20 selections, where you have room for an error for three or four selections.

It should be noted that some cashback Acca boosts have many other additional requirements that you should know. Sometimes, you have a minimum deposit amount, and you are only “allowed” to bet on pre-selected events. In other words, if you decide to wager on a different football or tennis match, you won’t be able to use this offer, even if you have fulfilled the other conditions.

Handicap Accumulator promotions

Last but not least, we have the third popular type of Acca bonus that you find on some gambling websites. It usually has different names, but since it involves using the handicap markets, we’ve decided to call it this way.

One of the exciting things about the Handicap accumulator offers is that they will require you to use a specific market. As you probably know, the leading online bookmakers give their clients the chance to utilize all sorts of markets, including Handicaps.

There are all sorts of handicaps that you can choose from, especially if you are interested in football. Some of them will let you bet on a given team as if it is in a situation where it is losing with one or two goals, whereas others are related to red and yellow cards.

The handicap markets are usually a lot more challenging to predict than the regular ones because there are many things you need to consider. That’s why most brands provide better odds for them. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Acca handicap boosts give the best rewards.


To sum up, every type of accumulator offer is a joy to use because it stimulates you to punt on numerous events. Even though this is fun, it is not something that you should do if you don’t have any previous betting experience. Therefore, most people who use the various Acca offers know what they are doing and are ready to take the risk.

If you are one of the bettors who doesn’t have any previous sports betting experience, try using the other bonuses. Needless to say, most bookies have loads of other proposals you can choose from.

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