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Top 10 Tips How to Become a Successful University Student

Many students are faced with the daunting challenge of trying to be successful. While some students are naturally successful at everything they do, others tend to struggle. As a result, they may feel discouraged at failing grades or an inability to balance social and academic life.

Becoming a successful student is not something that you need to spend years learning. While some habits of successful students are ingrained from childhood, others simply require a change in attitude and a new perspective. If you are looking for ways to become a successful university student, here are ten tips to help you.

Avoid procrastination

When you are over-stressed, you probably tend to put off your work to relax. While this may seem to work in the short-term, it usually results in added stress later on. Rather than procrastinating, try breaking your tasks into smaller pieces.

Take advantage of peer pressure

Not all peer pressure has to be negative. If you surround yourself with driven, success-oriented classmates, they are likely to rub off on you. While you shouldn’t compete with anyone other than your past self, having people close by who can challenge and help you will be a great advantage in university.

Have self-confidence

Being successful has a lot to do with how you see yourself. If you believe in yourself, you are more likely to achieve your goals. Having self-confidence and a positive self-image will help you reach and maintain success in university.

Manage your time

As with procrastination, poor time management can lead to unnecessary stress. Invest in a daily planner or wall calendar to help you plan out your tasks. Write down due dates and goals, and cross them out or check them off as they pass. This will help de-clutter your mind and clear your thinking.

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Use course outlines

The course outline is not just a waste of trees. It offers you insight into the professor’s way of thinking. The course outline not only tells you the goals of your course, but it can also give you ideas on what your professor expects and how to achieve success in the course.

Engage in active listening

Just being in the class is not enough. To engage with the material presented to you, you need to listen actively. Write notes as the lecturer speaks, and also make efforts to write a summary for yourself at the end of each class.

Engage in active reading

Getting through a particularly boring article may result in your eyes moving across words but your brain not registering anything. Read with the goal of understanding the text. Set small goals and summarize what you have read at regular intervals.

Set goals

Goal-setting helps with time management and can help you avoid procrastination. Once you have some idea of what your aims are for each week, you will be able to achieve them more easily. Setting goals is an essential aspect of success, no matter which stage of life you are in.

Be it participating in extracurriculars or deciding to write based on ideas from, you need to set clear goals in terms of allocating time and doing your best in it.

Attend classes

One of the most important things you can do as a university student is actually attending classes. While it may seem lame or time-consuming, you might miss important information or announcements if you miss classes. Make sure to attend as many classes as possible to ensure your success. If you need any help, an IB tutor will be able to assist and guide you throughout the journey.

Make time for self-care

Taking time out for yourself is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, even as a student, you might neglect your most basic needs. Make sure you eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise. It is also important to take some time out for fun, such as hanging out with friends or engaging in your favorite hobbies.


Being a successful student is the sum of many different aspects. While you can change your path to success by adopting a few strategies, no single strategy will get you there on its own. Making sure you take care of yourself while also taking care of your school work and social life can help you reach success without too much stress.

Manage your time, set goals, and surround yourself with positive, successful people. Make sure you are not only present in class, but also listening actively and reading with intention.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner is a career counselor who’s working with college students to help them excel in their studies and extracurriculars. She also works as a part-time academic writer and covers subjects that include business management to technology. In her free time, she likes to work on her YouTube channel, learn new languages and go for a swim in the ocean.

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