Tuesday, June 18

Study Reveals That The Majority of Small Businesses Outsource

According to a Clutch survey, more than 90% of small businesses plan to outsource work tasks this year, compared to just 80% in 2021. As remote work becomes increasingly normalized and small businesses seek new ways to boost company growth, outsourcing is proving to be a gateway to improved productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.

Outsourcing Saves Time And Money

Approximately 59% of companies that choose to outsource work tasks do so in order to cut costs. Reduced company costs and more effective use of time are two of the most significant motivators for outsourcing in 2022. Small businesses are often thinly stretched, especially in the early phases of business development, driving them to find experienced, professional support from external freelancers. Outsourcing workers for specific tasks is much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee, allowing small businesses to get the help they need in problem areas without committing to a long-term salary structure.
Outsourcing also allows small businesses to expand their repertoire and reduce their workload to make space for bigger, more income-generating projects. This helps them push forward through the tough beginner phases of building a business. And now that remote working has become a staple aspect of the modern business structure, the freelance and outsourcing industry is more diverse, affordable, and accessible than ever.

Some Tasks Are Best Left To The Professionals

When it comes to certain elements of running a business, there are some roles which should always be left to those with experience. Web development and IT, for example, is one of the most in-demand outsourcing roles in 2022 – and for good reason.
Firstly, outsourcing web designers or developers opens businesses up to a much wider pool of talent. There are volumes of professional, highly skilled web developers and designers who can deliver what you need from anywhere in the world – whether they live next door or in Japan.
Furthermore, according to experts at lightninghtml.com, website presentation and functionality are some of the most important features of any business, especially if it is just starting out. It’s not an area any company can afford to skimp on, and outsourcing can provide access to the people who’ll deliver everything needed and more.
Outsourcing tasks like web development or design means getting much more value for money. New business ventures often lack the experience needed for creating truly impactful web design, but reaching out for input from seasoned professionals can lead to a much better result.

Increase Company Growth With Outsourcing

In the US, more than one third of all small businesses employ freelancers to outsource work tasks. There’s no shame in acknowledging that external support can be beneficial to your company. In fact, experts estimate that its normalcy will only grow over the coming years.
The utilization of outsourcing means that small businesses can become more efficient, more reliable to consumers, and more capable of drawing income, not just in the tricky beginning phases, but well into the later phases of development, too.

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