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Some Advantages of Upgrading to MacOS Mojave

Some Advantages of Upgrading to MacOS Mojave

Attention to all Mac users: MacOS Mojave has been released! What does it mean for you and if it is worth upgrading your mac to Mojave? CleverFiles would strongly recommend doing so, for a couple of reasons that are really crucial.

Advantage 1: Mojave Uses a Dark Background, Which Is Much Easier for Eyes

A desktop is a source of light. The brighter it is, the faster it makes our eyes tired. Mojave uses a dark background, that is why users can use it for hours without being suffering from eyes fatigue.

Advantage 2: Its Continuity Camera Is Something That You Have Never Seen Before

You will appreciate this feature especially in one case: if you got used that taking a picture takes time, and moving it to a computer takes even more time. With the option of a continuity camera, you just:

  • Select the place for your image;
  • Select the needed image on your mobile or any other device;
  • Click the “scan” option;

And that’s it, the camera starts working. It scans the image and sends it to the place that you have marked for it.

That reduces the time that is needed for image processing and copying significantly. It is a pity that this feature still doesn’t provide the option to scan the pics that are already in your iOS device. However, users hope that it will be available in the nearest future. All in all, this feature is a real time-saver, without compromising the images quality.

Advantage 3: Stacks

This feature helps you to find files based on their categories. Do you need to find all PDF files that are stored in your device? Stacks option helps you to do it fast and efficiently. Moreover, it is not going to miss even a single file of the selected category!

Do you need to organize your files by date? Stacks function is just irreplaceable in this. Would you prefer to organize all those huge volumes of files based on their tags? There is no problem, just check how Mojave does it, you will be amazed.

What does it actually give you? Well, each time you need to find the files of a particular category, you will see how much time this option saves. Moreover, it will help you to keep your desktop arranged.

Advantage 4: Security Improved

Security is talked about more and more nowadays and for a reason. There are more threats that endanger our confidentiality online, that the higher the security level is, the better is it for a user. That’s why even if you don’t speak much about security, it matters. And that’s why Mojave, which comes with updated security features, is recommended for this reason, as well.

For example, OverSight signals you when a newly downloaded app wants to access the frontal camera or microphones. This helps you to detect malicious software in time and to eliminate it. as well it monitors the updates of iTunes device, mail database, Time Machine and other.

Safari upgraded the function of Intelligent Tracking Prevention. Now, it blocks all tracking attempts when it comes to those websites that you have visited. In some cases, you will be requested or suggested to continue tracking. But only you are the one who decides about such things.

Password management options and tools help to create the strongest passwords and to handle access requests in a safe way.

Now, you might be wondering how long to install Mojave. The installation doesn’t take much time and is very simple. Just following a step-by-step installation instruction is enough to succeed. All the process takes some minutes, so, you can make plans for a cup of coffee.

Some users have this question: “Does upgrading Mac OS delete everything?” The response is: no, it doesn’t. But like with any system, there might be issues. That’s why whenever you are going to upgrade any system, including iOs, you should backup all important data. In the case with Mac, Disk Drill is a tool that provides the maximum of functionality, is free and it very easy to use. you might use it or any other reliable software that you know.

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