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Can you Promote Gambling via Social Media?

Social Media Marketing is the new rage — mainly because the percentage of conversions through this medium is surprisingly high, while the costs involved are considerably low. So it’s no surprise that the gambling honchos have not missed out on leveraging from this platform. This is where they tell you whether you can play UK roulette for pound sterling or American roulette with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

However, putting across gambling-related information through social media is no easy task. That’s mainly because gambling for real money isn’t legit across the globe.

With so many countries still urging social media giants to frame regulations to avoid promoting online gambling, the task becomes even more challenging for online casinos. Despite that, quite a few online casinos seem to have found ways to get around it. Now let us check out some of the most effective ways in which online casinos have been doing this.

Indirect Advertising is the key

Social Media offers a host of opportunities to indirectly advertise products and services and online casinos seem to be leveraging from it, as much as they can afford to. Despite the ad restrictions in several regions worldwide, online casinos seem to be using stories that strike a chord, emotionally.

This includes narrating stories about those who were frustrated with their day-jobs and could quit after they struck gold through an online casino. Usually, these stories are published and circulated amongst those looking to make some extra money through a side hustle.

Creating an email list through Social media

Online casinos have been running polls and contests to collect email IDs and build their databases for quite some time. This is an easy and effective way because online casinos can seek public opinions and can narrow down those interested in gambling.

With that done, the next step is to collect the email IDs of those interested in gambling or send them a private message through the social media platform.

Public-interest Marketing

This method of social media marketing involves rolling out stories connected to frauds committed by fake online casinos and alerting the public at large. Then, with a series of subsequent posts, the campaign identifies new clients and then builds its own credibility through posts, private messages, and email campaigns. Usually, those promoting online casinos make use of temporary links to avoid being reported.


Most social media platforms offer the option to create awareness campaigns — the ones used to direct traffic to websites. By using this option tactfully, one can easily promote online casinos without violating the platform’s guidelines. However, it is critical that this is done without violation, so make it a point to go through the platform-specific guidelines.

Unless you do this, a violation could even lead to the advertiser’s profile being banned from that particular platform, besides suitable legal action being pursued.

Strategic Targeting

Social Media lets online casinos build the right database based on the specific promotional plan. For example, if an online casino has recently adopted PayPal as a payment gateway and offers additional spins for those who use it, then this campaign should target those above 30 years of age.

This age group usually makes use of PayPal for payments and Facebook for social networking. Likewise, a campaign targeting millennials should be carried out through Instagram.  

Also, several social media platforms offer those with a certain number of following to post stories, which last for only 24 hours. This gives online casinos an amazing platform to indirectly market their services through social media influencers. Despite these possibilities, there is also a constant risk of being reported.

This is why online casinos tend to make use of temporary links and social media influencers to pass on their message in a subtle manner. 

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