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How To Prepare To Move City

Moving to a new city can be an exciting, albeit daunting, adventure. Whether you’re moving to a new city for career prospects, to be closer to family, or to find a “home,” it’s crucial that you prepare for your move correctly. So ensure you haven’t missed a trick and remember the considerations below.

Research Your Location 

Whether you’ve visited in person or not, you must research your new city to know what to expect. Is your new city packed with insurance? Is it known for accidents? Whether going to the scenic Boynton Beach or New York City, you might find yourself googling for a personal injury lawyer in Boynton Beach if your risk of being in an accident increases. 

Knowing this information ahead of time will prepare you should you get in a car accident or an accident at work. 

Update Your Insurance 

Remember that your insurance doesn’t travel with you. Whether you have car, health, or home insurance, you must update your circumstances with your insurance providers. While insurance like health care isn’t mandatory in the US on a federal level, it’s crucial that you have it and keep it updated so that should you need it, you can be well taken of. 

If you’re moving to a new state, it’s worth researching if that state has specific insurance mandates. For example, if you were to move to California without health insurance, you could be taxed or fined. So always do your research. 

Research Schools

If you’re moving cities with children, you’ll likely need to contact schools to understand how transferring your child into a new daycare or school will work. This may differ from state to state and school to school. And it’s also likely that your favorite schools are already full. So before you book your flights and set a moving date, check that you’re moving at the right time. 

Find Clubs To Join

Loneliness is a condition that most people have experienced in their lives. Often, if you’re moving to a new city alone, you might be more at risk of loneliness, especially while settling in. If you’re moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone, research clubs to join to meet new people and make new friends. If you’re struggling with where to begin, consider: 

  • Running clubs 
  • Dance classes
  • Using apps like Bumble BFF
  • Yoga classes
  • Book clubs 

Give Yourself Time (To Pack)

Goodbyes are complex, but there’s nothing worse than rushing a good goodbye. So, give yourself plenty of time to say goodbye to your colleagues, friends, and family. Enjoy a final coffee at your favorite spot. Then, when you’re ready, pack up your bags and fill your boxes. But remember, this always takes longer than you think it will, so leave plenty of time. 

Bon Voyage!

Wherever you’re headed, with careful preparation, your transition can be a lot less stressful and – in some cases – more exciting. So bid “bon voyage” to your old life and a friendly “hello” to the new one.

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