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Outsourcing to Romania vs. Ukraine

Outsourcing to Romania vs. Ukraine

Outsourcing entails hiring and utilizing the services and skills of external service providers to handle various office functions. Such functions may include software development, and IT functions of an organization such as storing data. Outsourcing is preferred by most companies because of the numerous advantages that the process of outsourcing possesses. Businesses and organizations spend less money on their operations compared to what they would have paid if they hired an in-house team to handle various office functions. Outsourcing also ensures that a company focuses on other more important things such as marketing and so forth. It is advisable for any organization to outsource some of their function to enjoy the external skills, expertise, and assets. There are very many destinations for an organization to outsource, both locally and internationally. This article will talk about outsourcing to Romania vs. Ukraine.

Romania is a country with an average of 22 million citizens and is a member of the European Union. Over time, big global companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and many more other companies have opened their offices in Romania to specifically utilize the expertise and the skills of the over 90,000 IT experts. Ukraine on the hand has also attracted big global companies to open their R&D offices. Such companies include Google, Cisco, and Oracle. In Ukraine, there are more IT experts compared to Romania. Hence a company looking to outsource can enjoy and choose from the wide range of It experts in both countries.


When it comes to outsourcing, an organization should ensure that they cut cost. Simply put outsourcing should be cost-effective and cheap for that matter. Romania and Ukraine are among the cheapest destination for outsourcing all around Europe. However, Ukraine is the cheapest destination to hire outsourcing services mostly because Ukrainian developers are paid a minimum wage of $36.2 per hour. Romanian developers are also a bit cheaper, but expensive compared to Ukrainian developers. Romanian developers charge $ 40.1 per hour for their outsourcing services.

Good communication skills

Good communication is critical and very vital in any form of outsourcing, be it software development, application development, and IT function. Lack of proper communication may bring about a misunderstanding, and the results may be contrary to what was expected. Therefore it is essential that the companies looking to outsource and the service providers speak the same language for better understanding. Both Romania and Ukraine has a good command of English. The EF English Proficiency Index rates Romania’s command of English at 59.13% while that of Ukraine is at 50.19%. It means that Romania developers are more fluent in English than Ukrainians developers. However, Ukrainian developers are doing their best to sharpen and better their English.  For instance, outsourcing companies in Ukraine offer English lessons to their employees to ensure that they become fluent in English.

Technical skills

Another factor an organization should consider when choosing where to outsource between Romania and Ukraine is the technical skills that each country developers possess. Check on the on the type of software and programming language in which each of the two countries is quite well aware. Romania is well vast with the following programming languages:

  • PHP
  • C#
  • Java
  • C, C++
  • Objective-C

Ukraine, on the other hand, is well vast with the following programming languages:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Python

Clutch index insists that Ukraine has a wider labor market compared to Romania because Ukraine has twice the number of population.

Cultural differences

Cultural difference is another important factor for an organization to consider before outsourcing. Cultural difference can cause mutual disagreements between the two partners thus making it hard to conduct any outsourcing business and even harder to develop the required soft wares and applications. Romania and Ukraine are members of the European Union, meaning that there isn’t any cultural difference so outsourcing becomes easy and very effective.   


The two outsourcing destinations, Romania and Ukraine have invested a lot in the education system. In Ukraine for instance, there are about 402 universities, and each year an average of 15,000 students graduate with degrees in IT related fields. It means that there is a large pool of talented and skilled developers who can be hired at very cheap or rather low rates. Romania has also invested a lot in software, app development and IT related studies. Romania is ranked 6th as the country that with the most number of development specialists. Annually over 5000 students graduate in IT and development related fields.     

In conclusion, there are numerous factors that any organization looking to outsource their needs should consider. There is a very tiny gap between Romania and Ukraine. However, it is evident that that Ukrainian developer and outsourcing companies are more skilled and offer their services at a much lower price compared to Romania. Romanian developers, on the other hand, are skilled and good in PHP and C# programming languages. It is therefore advisable and essential for an organization to do proper research and to determine what they are looking before deciding to outsource their needs to Romania or Ukraine.

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