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5 Online Games To Play If You Love Ancient History

Over the years, the majority of people have been associating online gaming with entertainment and rewards. But that isn’t enough because there is much more about gaming. Through gaming, you will learn many things that you can apply in life. 

Games also help in self-improvement hence a plus to the gamers. There are video games set in the historical periods and have facts that both kids and adults can learn from. They are suitable for everyone but mostly liked by people who don’t want to play games that are not educational.

Many game developers are also shifting their focus to games that meet the players’ needs. Creating video games that focus on ancient history is among their latest projects. We linked up with our gaming expert Lucas Goldberg (view profile), to enlighten you on some of the top history games online. Here are the online games that focus on ancient history:

Railway Empire

It’s among the video games that teach history and are suitable for kids and teens. The parents should encourage their kids to play it because it focuses. It’s primarily a simulation game based on the railroad elements for the Windows PCs.

When playing it, you will realize that it contains the true historical elements of the railroad in the US. The game is also easy to play since it does not require any complex procedures. But the players must know how to go about the mouse controls.

It features some of the top railway campaigns. They would start in the 1830s and run into 1910. Precisely, the game features multiple difficulty levels and gameplay options. It’s on the historical periods and the occurrences of that time. 

Some of the platforms to found the game include Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Windows. It’s also affordable to gamers since the average price is $49.99. Don’t hesitate to get your kid the Railway Empire if your kid is more than eight years considering that it’s the minimum recommended age.


Have you been looking for a dice game to enjoy alone or with friends? Craps is a popular dice game played in land-based casinos and online Canadian casinos. If you hear about the game for the first time, you will think that it is a new game.

However, it’s been in existence since the 12th century. The advantage is that some Canadian Casino sites offer free craps where you do not have to risk your money. Playing it will enable you to learn some of the gaming rules and strategies applied in the earlier centuries.

Fact Monster

The game is a mega resource for people looking for something educative, especially if you need to know ancient history. It covers the history of Crayola crayon colours and also that of the internet. 

You will find more than 30000 biographies. You also have the privilege of handing over whatever you have gone through to the homework helper section. That will help in boosting your educational status.

Another aspect about it that amazes the masses is that it’s free, unlike others that require you to spend some coins. Its educational benefit is great to the players. If your kid is above nine years, consider helping them learn the languages and explore the geography in the game to learn more from it. It was last updated in November 2020, meaning that it has some of the amazing latest features one would be looking for.

Book of kings slots

It’s among the top ancient history slots that players have a great love for. It follows the popular themes in the industry, dubbed ancient themes. It’s a five-reel and ten playline slot that allows the players to win amazing rewards when they play it.

It has some of the best bonus offers for the players that allow the players to play more. The players learn more about the themes used in the initial years when online slots were still new in the industry. Even up to date, the popular theme you will find in most of the online slots is the ancient theme.

Age of War

If you have been following the developments in the casino industry, you must not have missed the Age of War. It’s among the games that have established their names in the gambling industry. The tower of defence concept and the component of offence makes the game one of the most outstanding. 

As you play the game, you earn points and learn about the military’s history as you take a tour with the soldiers who help you attack your opponents. Like other games, you will need to apply the game strategies to win. However, they aren’t complicated as the majority of people think.

As you can see, above are some of the best history games that will not only be educative but will give you a thrilling experience.

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