Saturday, June 22

Make Your Spring Cleaning Deep This Year

A new mood is in the air whenever seasons change, and the onset of spring is all about rebirth and new beginnings. This means doing a deep purge of your home, going way beyond simply dusting or cleaning the baseboards.

Do you have old papers or electronic devices just sitting around, collecting dust and taking up space? Read on to learn why it’s a good idea to call a professional shredder to totally destroy such objects, and make your spring cleaning truly deep this year while also keeping you safe from identity thieves.

Old Papers are a Risk

Probably everybody has a place in their home where they store old paper documents. It could be a file folder somewhere meant to keep important items all in one place. If you haven’t referenced them in years and they’re just sitting there, it’s actually a risk to you.

What happens if an identity thief ever saw them, and obtained information they weren’t supposed to have? They could use it to drain your bank accounts or potentially even for blackmail.

Call a professional shredder like which has its own mobile shredding service, so the sensitive documents can be destroyed right outside your premises. For larger volumes of paper, they will still come to your door but they’ll bring your documents securely to their facility for shredding.

Either way, you’ll never have to worry about carrying so many heavy boxes of paper. After they’re safely eliminated, you should receive a certificate of destruction. Not only will you know that the information on them no longer presents a security risk, but your home will also be that much cleaner and less cluttered.

Shred Any Liability

Identity thieves can obtain your sensitive information from other sources than paper. Naturally, we live in a world filled with advanced technology, and the devices storing your information can backfire on you if the wrong people get them.

Here is a list of some of the devices which commonly store sensitive information, some of which may surprise you:

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Photocopier or printer memory cards
  • USBs or flash drives
  • Hard drives

If you have any of these devices in your home that you’re not using, call a pro shredder. They won’t just throw them into the garbage, they will pulverize the microchips on them so that the information stored on them can’t possibly be retrieved. 

Only then is it safe. Plus, the best shredders also take pains to recycle all the components properly which is important when it comes to electronics, which may contain hazardous parts. Whether it’s paper or electronics, only use a company that has an impressive recycling track record.

Spring cleaning is a time to push the dust out and let the fresh air in. But make it a deep clean this season by hiring professional shredders, so in addition to a cleaner and more clutter-free existence, you also enjoy living in a home that’s free of data liabilities.

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