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Is Beginners’ Luck Real? Know About Those Who Brought Home Millions

Online casinos are an excellent means of fun, entertainment, and easy money. On some lucky days, people have won prizes worth more than tens of millions. There are several lottery winners who had beginners luck.

Although you need to learn those tips and tricks for betting on the best possible tickets, some lucky charm on some lucky days can drive you to victory. 

Check out these stories of lottery winners who had beginners luck

The fabulous vacation

June Rodriguez was on vacation to Orlando. She was just touring around the city when one of her friends insisted on buying a lottery ticket, and so June did. 

Next, June was dining in one of the restaurants around Orlando when her friend told her that a lottery ticket purchased at that news agency had won Friday’s lottery jackpot. 

“So, I jumped online to check my lottery ticket,” June said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked!” 

June won a mammoth $3.6 million from the jackpot. 

That was when June spent the most on vacation, more than she had ever spent. And that was just the first time when June gambled online. 

June is a football fan. She continues to play online and bets on various sports, especially football. She is a regular casino person now. 

Mommy’s lucky charm

This is another story of a woman who won a beginner’s luck of 14 million USD, just after she gave birth to her second child.

She is an American woman who gave birth to a daughter in September of 2016. The family was too busy celebrating and welcoming the new baby home when they grabbed the big lottery. 

She was with her friends from the infant mother’s community when one of the mothers in the room told her about lotteries and gambling. Bethy found the thing exciting and got a ticket for herself. 

Luckily, Bethzy’s ticket won the jackpot of $4 million. “This is incredible! I mean, I was just a beginner.” Said the winner. Bethzy is going to use all that money to give the best education to her kids. 

The final audition

Have you ever dreamt of purchasing a music studio of your own? Well, that’s a big deal. But James Paton’s beginner’s luck made that possible for him. 

James, 27, is one of the lottery winners who had beginners’ luck.

It was when he was on his way to auditions for the role of a singer in a music album. On the way back, he found a casino. He said, “I don’t know what made me stop and play that game but jeez!, that was the best decision I’ve ever made.” 

That random gambling made James win an incredible beginner’s luck jackpot of 35 million US dollars! 

Soon after the big win, James bought a fancy, ultra-modern music studio for himself. James’ first singles album is going to be released soon. 

Chef’s special

Brandy Turner was a chef at a restaurant in Nunavut, Canada. It was on the day when one of the customers at the restaurant gifted her a lottery ticket as a tip for the delicious chocolate mousse cake that she had baked that evening. 

Thanks to that tip, Brandy won an incredible $3 million in the weekly grand Jackpot of the lottery. 

Brandy says, “That was the first lottery ticket that I had ever held in my hands. It’s crazy. I’m speechless.” 

Brandy now owns a fantastic three-star restaurant of her own. Her chef’s special, the chocolate mousse cake, still remains the best selling dish.

Retirement treat

Serena Arseneault says she opened up an online casino after she saw its ad on Facebook. She had just retired from her job and was looking for things to pass her time. 

Serena said, “I got on that website just for fun and some easy money.”  

That random pastime game made the retiree win ninety million US dollars in the evening jackpot! 

She added, “My heart is racing. This is just crazy. My kids don’t need to worry about money for their lifetime now.”

Serena plans to give a part of the win to her children and grandchildren. Also, the lady is an ardent animal lover and wants to spend the rest of the money in building an animal shelter for the homeless and injured beings. 

Anniversary present

It was on Jake Wilson and Lisa Green’s marriage anniversary that the couple, now married for eight years, decided to go to a casino to celebrate their special day. 

Lisa says, “I was so new to the thing. I had never stepped into a casino ever before.” Jake adds to that by saying, “I never believed that people were winning millions by just betting on those games. I am sure that we are gonna come again very soon.”

The very first game that the couple played ended up into a jackpot of $9.8 million. “I am still not able to believe that we have made such a big win.”

The couple plans to save a part of the win for the education of their kids, and with the other parts, they want to purchase a new home for their family. 

So, here were a few stories from some real winners of the casino lottery. What are you waiting for? Grab that dollar and try your luck on the beginner’s lottery today. Who knows, you could be the next millionaire in the city. 

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