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How to Support Others in Such a Difficult Time

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The coronavirus pandemic has had profound effects on society. Some businesses and schools have closed down. Some people have been rendered unemployed by the pandemic. Hospitals are getting overwhelmed in some countries. Many people are facing tragedies that they find difficult to cope up with regardless of their statuses in society. 

Essentially, it’s easy for some people to feel hopeless and powerless during this difficult time. However, you can still support others at this time. Even sharing a shrug emoji (deliverable in various forms as shown on HowSociable) might help a person that feels desperate get better when faced with a scary and uncertain pandemic. Emojis can help people stay optimistic when used in digital communication. Here are more ways to support others during this difficult time. 

Stay at Home 

Staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic can feel like doing nothing. However, this is a good way to support others during this difficult time. Apart from keeping you safe, it will protect your community members, who include healthcare workers. 

When you stay at home, you play a role in preventing the spread of coronavirus. This helps others by ensuring that they do not eventually catch the virus. If compelled to do something while staying at home, be careful when doing it. Nevertheless, you can engage in activities like cleaning the closets to keep yourself busy. 

Deliver Basic Items to the Vulnerable 

If you know people that are more vulnerable to coronavirus that you’re, consider delivering some basic items to them. You’ve been advised to stay at home during this difficult time. However, it’s dangerous for vulnerable people, such as those with underlying health conditions to go outside. People whose immune systems are compromised shouldn’t be making trips to the nearby stores at this time.

Therefore, run some errands for such people if possible. And, you don’t have to get into physical contact to deliver the items to them. You can simply leave it on their doorsteps. Additionally, wear gloves to ensure the safe handling of the grocery bags.

Donate to Healthcare Workers and Hospitals 

Some hospitals are experiencing a shortage of important resources. This shortage can hinder their ability to combat COVID-19. To support others, donate where you can. For instance, you can make direct relief by donating medical supplies and personal protective equipment to healthcare workers. You can also donate money to charities that are helping people that are already suffering from COVID-19.

Talk to Your Neighbors 

You don’t have to visit your neighbors to find out what they are doing. You can stick to the social distancing recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and still keep in touch with your neighbors. This is very important, especially if you have elderly neighbors. You can text or call them to ensure that they are okay.

For instance, you can text or call to find out if your neighbors need anything. If possible, share what they need, whether it’s sugar or tissues, by leaving it at the front door. That way, they will pick it once you leave without getting into contact. This might sound extreme. However, it’s a safe and great way to ensure that your neighbors survive the pandemic as well.

Volunteer and Connect Virtually 

There are many volunteer opportunities that you can explore during this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, nonprofit organizations are looking for innovative solutions and ways to continue running their programs. That’s because in-person service delivery and gatherings have been limited. However, these organizations have virtual opportunities that people can take to support their operations.

For instance, some organizations whose focus is on alleviating social isolation among homebound and elderly people need volunteers to call their clients every week. These organizations need friendly people for the job. Anybody can take advantage of such an opportunity by just providing references and undergoing a brief orientation via a webinar.

Several apps, tools, and platforms for connecting people are also emerging. Some of these are designed to help people reach out to others and get different jobs done virtually. For instance, some apps that pair the visually impaired and blind people with volunteers through video calls have emerged. These enable such people to get the help they need to complete their daily tasks.

Mobilize Others 

If you’re an authority in any professional field, consider mobilizing others for a worthy cause during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. While staying at home, you can mobilize others to support the less fortunate and more vulnerable members of your society. For instance, you can mobilize your co-workers to donate money that will be used to support a children’s home or orphanage at this time.

You can also mobilize people to donate foodstuffs and other necessities that can be given to people that may have lost their jobs, those with disabilities, and individuals that don’t have families. Mobilizing people for such causes doesn’t have to involve physical meetings. You can do so by setting up a website or creating a group on a social media group for that purpose.

Spread Kindness and Good News 

Social media is awash with bad and negative news. They include news about the economic downturn and rising death tolls due to COVID-19. What’s more, people are having heated debates about politics.

But, you can spread kindness and good news amidst all this. Sharing good news and a little kindness at this time can brighten the day of someone who may have lost livelihood to the pandemic. To do this, compliment your loved ones or send them an appreciation note. You can also share positive news that you come across online.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to feel bored, lonely, helpless and overwhelmed at this difficult time. However, you can also feel better by supporting others during the coronavirus pandemic. Giving a person in need at this time can help them and make you feel better. Although it’s tricky to find ways to support others when everybody is telling you to stay at home, you can do it safely. Try these tips to support others during this crisis without exposing yourself to the virus.  

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