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How To Get More Retweets On Twitter

How To Get More Retweets On Twitter

 If you want success on Twitter, retweets are the only mantra. However, to get a retweet is an extremely tough job for a beginner. If people don’t follow you, who will give u a retweet? The key element about all “Social Media” is in the name. You must be social with your followers to gain any kind of interaction or engagement with them. You need to earn their respect and provide them with valuable content that is worth re-tweeting as they are re-tweeting for the benefit of their followers.

If you want people to engage and re-tweet your tweets then you´ve come to the right place. In this article, we´ll teach you How To Get More Retweets On Twitter.

  • Set up your profile in a genuine fashion. Have a real photograph of yourself in both your profile and header images. Write an engaging bio that tells others a bit about yourself and doesn’t be afraid to sell your best qualities. Use the space in your bio wisely to include hashtags and any links that you want to include that you’re not going to list in the website section.
  • Grow a targeted following. About 25% of the people you follow will follow you back. But there’s no point randomly adding people just to grow your numbers. Use targeted techniques to follow people who are interested in the same subject areas as yourself. This will increase the chances of people engaging with you, and you will also benefit more from their tweets in your home feed. I’ve written a detailed post on my blog about this which you can find in my bio.
  • Tweet valuable content. Your tweets need to provide value to you followers. If you are tweeting content from your own blog make sure you have constructed your posts well and given as much relevant information as possible. If you are sharing content from other blogs then make sure it is on point to your target audience. Twitter really tests your writing skills as you are expected to write the best of your expressions in 140 characters. Twitter is extremely cruel in quality and if you are not a politician or a celebrity, you will not get retweets or followers.
  • Construct your tweets well. Research the hashtags that you are going to use in your tweets. Then try to incorporate those hashtags into your sentence structure rather than just posting them #randomly at the #end of your tweet. And only ever use a maximum of two hashtags per tweet. If you’re sharing someone else’s content then give them credit within your tweet and tag them with their handle. They may return the gesture by re-tweeting you.
  • Pin your tweets. If you have a new tweet that you want to reach a higher audience then pin it to the top of your profile page. Keep it current and re-pin your next awesome tweet when it comes out. This will definitely help you on How To Get More Retweets On Twitter.

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  • Tweet at the optimal time. Do your research and find out what is the best time of that particular day to tweet in order to reach the maximum amount of people in your target audience. Or use the “auto scheduling” function if you are using a 3rd party service.
  • Turn off your Auto DM. It’s widely accepted that there is nothing more annoying than an Auto DM. Hardly anybody reads them and it’s my opinion that it actually reduces the chance of people engaging with you. A much better strategy is to take the time to read your new followers’ profile page. If they have a “Pinned Tweet” that is of interest to your followers then why not re-tweet it for them? Then wait, they may retweet your pinned tweet or send you a message thanking you. Then you are on your way to engaging with them and stand a higher chance of them regularly retweeting you.
  • Engage with people: The more you engage with other people, the more is the possibility that they will follow you if you are writing quality stuff. Answer the questions raised by people, quote their tweets, retweet their tweets, mention them and get into the conversation.
  • React immediately: If there is some new development, u should immediately react to it by writing what you feel about it. Always remember, people on Twitter don’t like late comers. Those who react fast, get immediate attention, rest are forgotten.
  • Good English: Although you have a liberty to write in so many languages, if you can write good English, you will command a large number of audience globally. And yes, people on Twitter like simple, crisp and clear language without any complicated words.

These are some of the most important tips and tricks on How To Get More Retweets On Twitter.

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