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How to Find a Perfect Influencer

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The marketing world has changed completely since the social media platforms became the top destination for the consumers and the personal connection that the followers seem to have with the influencers proved to be the most efficient way to get people to pay attention. But even this dynamic seems to be changing especially since the pandemic has completely turned our lives upside down, causing some of these followers to turn against these influencers and seek inspiration elsewhere. One thing is clear, these times are redefining major parts of our lives and it is very likely that we will come out of this into a completely new reality.

The way to go about affiliate marketing will soon change as well since the customers are adapting and getting bored and maybe even a bit suspicious of the traditional affiliate marketing techniques.

How affiliate marketing is changing

If there’s one industry that has used affiliate marketing excessively, it’s definitely gambling. If you look at the new online casino promotion strategies, You will see that for industries that have to look for alternatives instead of going the traditional way when it comes to marketing there are tried and true techniques that have kept the industry up and running, even as the market’s advance with their consumers.

When it comes to affiliate marketing and getting the right influencer to promote the product, the rule of thumb is that the exposure is not necessarily the main criteria to look for because yet again, it’s not about the quantity but quality. You might think that more people seeing your product is the best thing for the product but in actuality targeting advertisement is the way to go here. 

You might be saving extra money just by choosing a smaller influencer but the one who’s the audience is much better suited for your product and this is something that the gambling community has been doing for ages but in more mainstream industries the lesson is yet to be learned.

These days private groups are where most of the interesting conversations and community- building takes place so always remember to look for these communities, their favorite influencers, and what binds them all together. 

It has been proven time and time again that in order to promote a product in an efficient way, the entire process has to feel and look honest which is pretty hard to imitate but has a tremendous success rate. If the influencer is genuinely interested in your product then there is a much higher likelihood that any advertisement one might try to work into their content, will be much more successful than anyone who tried to push a product that they have to genuine attachment to.

Knowing the customers

This was a lesson learned the hard way, by all the advertisers overlooking the fact that as long as the influencer is willing to endorse the product simply because they like it also means that their followers will also be interested in what they have to promote.

Long gone are the days where the followers would just blindly purchase anything the influencer was wearing because so many bad instances came from that approach.

Sadly, the influencers have lost their trustworthiness quite a bit over the last year or two so instead of going the traditional route, you can expect to find the best partner in the less likely places through conversations between people who actually have something in common with your product.

Not only is honesty the best policy but it also makes your job, as an advertiser easier because you get your targeted audiences that will likely be much more invested in the product because it falls in their field of interest. Then it is much easier to navigate the next steps when you advertise the product to the big audience but the one that is not necessarily interested in or concept, you will have to pay more and will most likely get way less productive interactions, leaving you with an ineffective marketing strategy that costs way more than an effective one. 

Knowing your community is the first step to getting to influencers who can actually do a lot of good work for your company or product. As with more traditional advertising, the personal approach never fails. The goal is always to get the most out of your investment and to make sure that people who are seeing your product will want to participate in the project at least to a degree, and this doesn’t necessarily increase with expanding your audience but are so personalizing it more, which is what would come out of choosing your influencers based on their fanbase and what their interests are.

Affiliate marketing is no longer new to the consumer which is why this type of marketing now requires just as much pre planning as the regular advertising. But that doesn’t mean that the costs will be higher, but actually, you might be saving money as you start paying attention to the quality and the community of the influencers that you know are the right fit for you. 

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