Saturday, June 22

How to Build the Correct Communication in the Internet Chat?

In modern life, live communication is frequently replaced by online communication carried out through various social media chat rooms. This change is caused by the high necessity to keep in touch at any time and place. Therefore, when communicating online, we provide text messaging via different communication tools like Whatsapp, Hangouts, Telegram, Twitter, Messenger, etc.

When dating online through, we also use texting with the candidate to our heart. The main drawbacks are that we can see the emotions and reactions of the person you text to. In this case, we should be careful with the words and phrases we use in texting. To build correct communication in the Internet chat, you should stick to the following tips:

  • Choose the right tool or platform. Before starting an online communication, it is preferable to discuss with your interlocutor what medium suits them best and use it.
  • Know your audience. When sending a message, you should keep in mind the status of the person you text: whether a friend or your colleague. From this point, you define whether to use abbreviations, slang, and emojis or not.
  • Avoid using all caps. Such an approach can be perceived ambiguities. Caps are a no-no on social media as they may present you as a crazy and unstable person. Use caps only for acronyms or headings.

Adhering to texting etiquette is always appreciatable and represents you as a considerate and tactic communicator.

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