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How Online Slots Are Becoming the Most Popular Casino Game

The gambling sector in the UK is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The gross gambling yield in 2011 was 8.4 billion. This figure almost doubled by 2018, to 14.4 billion. 

Research revealed the introduction of remote gambling legislation in Great Britain back in 2014 played a significant role in the industry’s growth. With reports suggesting remote gambling contributes the largest share to the gambling market. 

Games responsible for captivating audiences across the UK and subsequently bolstering the revenue generated from this sector include blackjack, poker, roulette, and of course, slots. 

Slots, in particular, are the apple of most people’s eye at the online casino and in fact at a land-based casino too. Many players are drawn to the machines through their dazzling lights and sounds, if you are wondering how much money slot machine makes a study has shown that on average a slot machine in Las Vegas earns around $266 a day, showing their popularity!

Read on to find out why most people enjoy playing slot games.

Mobile-Friendly Slot Sites

Slot providers were quick to oblige with Google’s Mobilegeddon announcement in 2017 by creating mobile-friendly sites that were easy for customers to use. 

Creating platforms that adjust to all devices, PC, tablet, and mobile, allows players to indulge in a game of slots without needing to squint at the screen or zoom in.

Easy, user-friendly gaming is part of the reason why big slot providers have accumulated a large following. 

Moreover, compared to other casino games on offer, such as table games, slots are the easiest to play on all devices. 

Signup Incentives

Gambling companies are always in the company of new and existing casino companies wanting to claim or increase their market share. 

To remain competitive, slot sites gift offers, bonuses, and freebies to entice new customers and retain existing account holders.

Examples of current offers available include the no deposit free spins signup bonus from one of the most significant slot companies in the UK, Wink Slots. Incentives such as these give players free rein to try out a site and sample the games on offer before making a deposit. 

Jackpot Prizes 

An undeniable attractive element of online slots is the potential to win the jackpot prize. 

Dreams of reveling in newfound riches from the push of a button on a slot game online tend to be too tempting for gamers to pass up. 

Plus, slot games are relatively cheap to play, thus affordable and accessible for most. 

High RTP (Return to player)

The RTP of a slot game is available to view on most slot sites. The percentage tells players the likelihood of them gaining a return as they play. 

Having the ability to see their chances of winning gives players a distinct advantage. Enabling users to choose slot games with a high RTP to uplift their chances of gaining cash prizes. 

As such, gamblers tend to choose a slot game with an RTP of 97% or more, the higher the percentage, the greater chance of winning. 

Easy to Learn 

Slots are the easiest and quickest game for players to learn. Which makes slots attractive to players who have no experience at the casino. Or otherwise, want to play a game that requires little to no effort and focus.

Most of a slot player’s responsibility is to push the button that spins the reels and to wait for the symbols to fall in place. If they achieve a winning pay line, the game will automatically add their winnings to their total earnings.

Modern Slots

Traditional slots often entail three reels and common symbols such as cherries and the number 7 on-screen.

Today there are thousands of slot gaming variations for players to choose from to suit all playing styles and interests. 

Modern slots usually have five reels, with numerous pay lines. Plus, the themes, symbols, sound effects, bonus rounds differ per game too.

From movies to video games, fantasy to historical periods in time, there’s a slot game theme online to suit all. 

Additional symbols, such as wild and scatter symbols. Plus, features and bonuses such as free spins and bonus rounds have propelled the popularity of online slot games to new heights.

Secure Transactions

To maintain credibility, online slot providers work tirelessly to provide secure and fast payment solutions for customers. 

From PayPal to Skrill, players will often find a few global payment gateways on slot sites. All of which use encrypted software to protect each online users’ private information.

Providing players with a safe and secure platform to spin the reels is another way slot providers maintain their position as the most loved casino game in the UK.

Top Online Slots to Play Right Now


Bonanza features online slots take on the wild west. The reels spin underground and highlight a mix of letters and expensive vibrant jewels. 

The clear layout, which reveals essential features such as free spins remaining, and total winnings. Allows players to enjoy the excitement of the game and anticipate which pay lines they’ll secure with ease.

Slingo Rainbow Riches 

Leprechauns, rainbows, and upbeat music set a fun tone for players on Rainbow Riches. 

This game is a perfect example of how online slots have adapted to include various new exciting features for players. Rainbow riches entails elements from bingo and traditional slots.

The game was initially released as a free-play option. Due to the popularity of the game, Slingo Rainbow Riches is now available to play for real cash on various casino sites.


Besides the exciting theme which catapults players into ancient Egypt. If players are fortunate to have the queen of Egypt appear on screen numerous times in a row, a player’s bets will be multiplied. 

For example, five Cleopatras means players’ bets are multiplied by 10,000.

To put the power of slots into practice, readers, gamers, and gamblers yet to delve into the world of slots should take advantage of signup offers from reputable slot providers to try out the games. Only then will players understand the magnitude of slots on offer, the ease of playing online on any device, and the potential to win magnificent cash prizes. 

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