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How To Find The Best Vintage Speakers

The vintage speakers don’t lose their popularity. The most sought after manufacturers keep on making retro-style speakers. Nowadays, such models even become more and more popular because they can provide an authentic external look together with the most advanced inner components.

Thus, such speakers can also offer a unique design solution for your interior. This appears to be especially good when you search for a pair of speakers for your vinyl player. However, many people tend to ignore the sound quality provided by the speakers, taking into account only their appearance. In a result, this leads to a bad purchase.

So, as you can see, it’s not so easy to find a decent model only by its look. We have gathered a list of the most important factors that you should keep in your mind when making your choice. When you are ready for the purchase, you can visit the has-sound website in order to find the best vintage speakers for your needs.

So, what should be taken into account?

External look

Of course, this is the main thing on your mind when you want to go for vintage speakers. Actually, the design of the speakers depends on how far you can go. Some models just have a wooden case that provides a minimal retro vibe. The others fully duplicate some popular models of speakers from the 70s – 80s and look like you have been owning them for several decades.

In terms of grills, the vintage speakers have them made of cloth, metal, with different unusual cutouts and different shapes. The shapes of the speaker itself also vary greatly: it may have classic square shape, or have an arch-shaped design, etc. You also should be ready for some old-fashioned controls like toggles, knobs and retro dials to adjust radio stations.

In most cases, the housing of vintage speakers is made of MDF or wood. In some unique cases, they may have a leatherette casing. 


If you want something portable, choose bookshelf speakers. It will be easy to carry them with you and listen to music anywhere you want if they are battery-powered. They also will easily fit in your kitchen or table. In addition, some models of small vintage speakers may look just like retro radio which may be very pleasing for retro lovers.

Tower vintage speakers usually just have a wood casing and can’t provide a wide choice of design solutions. However, if you need as powerful speakers as possible, floor speakers is your way to go.

Advanced features

If the speakers have a retro look, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about convenience, ignoring modern features. The contemporary vintage-looking models can offer such features as a built-in voice assistant, Bluetooth, multi-room support, remote control, etc.

Sound quality 

Even if you are the biggest vintage lover in the world, you can’t forget about the sound quality of the speakers. They must be able to handle your favorite music, at least. Thus, the choice here is very subjective. Each model puts its individual kind of shading on the reproduced content.

The speaker’s sound depends on the construction of the cabinet, number, and quality of drivers, etc. So, do some research about the models that you are interested in and compare their qualities. If you want to connect them to the rest of your audio system, make sure that they will match. This way, it would be a great choice to buy the speakers from the same manufacturer as your existing speakers.

Some models even use 70s-80s sound technologies to create an authentic-sounding that will complete their look. Such speakers will work great for you if you desire something really vintage. In this case, you also may want to try to buy some second-hand speakers, but it’s not recommended. This will be a really risky purchase with no guarantees for high quality and durability.

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