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How to Start an On-demand Delivery Business

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On-demand delivery services are popular today, so it’s a great time to enter this market and start your own business. Here are some tips on how to start an on-demand delivery business.

Choose a niche

The first step you need to take is to choose your niche. You need to pay attention to the particularities of each niche because they directly influence the food delivery app development cost.

If you’re planning to create your own delivery application, you should know which segments are the most successful and profitable. Let’s have a look at the categories of on-demand delivery applications you can choose from.

Food and drinks

This is one of the most popular segments of on-demand delivery applications today thanks to people’s fast-moving lifestyles. People don’t always have time to cook, and it’s simple to order via a smartphone.

If you’re going to start your own food delivery business, start local and provide unique services for your region.


The on-demand delivery business model can also be used in the transportation field, where there are more competitors than Uber. Other on-demand delivery applications include Gett, Fasten, and Wings.

Today, local and cheaper options are able to compete with Uber. When you enter this market, you should provide some unique features – for example, you might start your own bike delivery business.

Home service

Users don’t need to fix leaking taps or take care of their gardens by themselves if they don’t want to. With on-demand home services, users can request whatever service they need and enjoy the convenience.

Determine product supply

To start and run a successful delivery business, you should pay attention to where the products you deliver will come from. If you have your own supply and production of a certain product, this can be an advantage.

If not, you need to focus on limited products, then find suppliers who are ready to invest in you and allow you to deliver their products through your application.

Know your competitors

At the outset, you need to clearly define what companies are leaders in the industry and what exactly makes them successful and popular. In the food delivery field, the leaders are:

  • Uber Eats
  • Postmates
  • DoorDash

It’s important to research the target audiences, advantages, downsides, and unique features of your competitors so you can make an application that can compete with them.

Also, you should understand which platform your target audience uses most. If they prefer iOS, it’s better to concentrate resources on iOS app development rather than Android.

Attract users

At this point, it may seem that most of the work is done, but that’s a comforting lie people tell themselves when they don’t want to do any kind of marketing. Let’s see how exactly you can grow and maintain your user base.

In the US, around 42% of the adult population has already used on-demand services. This is why you need to think about unique features that will allow you to catch your user’s eye.

Find your unique feature

If you’re starting a local on-demand business, you can choose a niche and be a pioneer in your region. For example, in the food delivery market, you might choose the direction of diet food, or maybe offer delivery with drones.

Use push notifications

Push notifications provide a soft reminder of your existence and the services your company provides. Use this marketing tool to stay up to date with your current users and you’ll be rewarded with excellent retention rates.

Work with influencers

It’s human nature to trust and listen to people we know and respect. Get the most out of this psychological phenomenon to make your on-demand delivery application flourish. Contact trendsetters who are relevant to your industry and ask them to try your app.

Explore the statistics

Remove the guesswork and learn from your statistics. Find out which features of your application are used most widely, how much time users spend in your application, and so on. This will help you better understand the behavior of your customers, allowing you to provide better service and retain your customers longer.


Now you know the main steps to start an on-demand business. Today, the best strategy for startups is to provide better service than market leaders at the local level. It’s easier to compete with market leaders locally rather than globally. Good luck with your on-demand delivery startup!

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