Tuesday, January 31

Enhancing Your Contact Center Operations With WFM Cloud

In 2016, the cloud-based contact center market accounted for just $5.73 billion in the U.S. market. By 2022, experts project that it will top the $20 billion mark.

Cloud-based contact centers make it easier to cut costs while also improving customer service opportunities. But to keep any contact center functioning, you need the right software for the job.

That’s where the new WFM Cloud from Aspect Software can help. Keep reading to learn how the software’s advanced features can help you better manage your business, scale your operations and more.

Track Your Shift Schedule and Manage Operations in Real-Time

Whether you have five employees or 500 working in your call center, juggling your shift schedule can be a challenge. Add in several shift changes and trades each day, and suddenly you’re tracking down each individual to find out their hours and make sure that everyone is getting accurate pay. Too many people on one shift? You’re stuck paying for employee help you likely don’t need. Too few? Your customers — and likely your reputation — will suffer.

The new WFM Cloud can help. It allows you to track your operations and shift schedules in real-time. You can check in to see who’s working and who has traded shifts. This software makes it possible to do so anywhere, anytime, even if you aren’t in the office. Whether you’re in a meeting or traveling for work, you can check in to see if shifts are covered and make sure that operations are continuing smoothly while you’re away.

Improve Your Scheduling Capabilities

It isn’t just the current shift that you need to be worried about. Looking ahead to schedule your operations and shifts is also a must; after all, your cloud-based call centers might have come a long way from the call centers of the past, but they still run on people power.

WFM Cloud makes it easy to schedule your shifts and even forecast your needs. Use it to estimate the number of employees you’ll need on any given day, based on projections on call volume. Line up your shifts weeks or even more in advance so that you know you’re covered.

Use “What-If” Scenarios to Predict Your Future Operations

There are a lot of variables that go into operating a call center. Depending on the success or failure of new product or service launches, call volume may increase. New options for communicating concerns might change the way your center interacts with customers and answers their questions or concerns.

Luckily, WFM Cloud offers the ability to run endless “what-if” scenarios. Use these to project your future operations so that you can make adjustments to your budget, plan for dips or growths in call volume and more.

Scale Your Operations Without Changing Out Software

Making changes to your cloud-based call center software almost always means a break in production as you make the change and adjust to the new features. But as demand increases and your call center enterprise begins to grow, new software may become necessary. That is unless you choose a software that grows with you.

WFM Cloud is designed to support the operations of small call centers, all the way up to call centers with 5,000 or more agents. Demand for call centers isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. Make sure that your software can grow with you.

Enhancing Your Enterprise Contact Center With WFM Cloud

From allowing you to better manage your shift schedule, project future needs and the ability to grow with you, the WFM Cloud software can help you support and scale your enterprise call center.

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