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How to See if Your Partner is Cheating on You

Cheating on a partner is considered among the worst things you can do. Yet despite this, research has found that 21 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds and 17 percent of 30 to 44-year-olds have cheated at least once. This is quite significant numbers.

In other words, getting cheated on can happen to virtually anyone.

If you haven’t been cheated on yourself, you most likely know someone who has, or who have cheated themselves.

The issue with cheating is that it is a problem that is very difficult to deal with. Many times, the person has no idea they’re being cheated on, and other times, the person being cheated on suspects it, but is not quite sure, whether how to tackle it or how to prove it.

Now, it’s safe to say that cheating is a big problem. Of course, most people will say that you shouldn’t be with a partner who cheats on you, but if you are only suspecting and have no real proof or evidence, it can be difficult to know how to have the discussion with your partner. In fact, it may just be you who are very suspicious  -which in worst case will lead you to making faulty accusations to your partner, and thus risk damaging your relationship because it presents you in the way that you don’t trust and disbelieve them.

The good news is that there is a solution to know whether or not your partner is cheating, and there is a way to actually both prove and see if your partner is cheating on you.

The solution is a tracking app that allows you to track text messages from another phone.

Many times, the conversation between your partner and the one they’re cheating with is taking place through their phone. If this is the case, you may have noticed that they’ve been more cautious and private with their phone. But if you are suspecting that your partner is cheating on you, you can use a spying software app that allows you to track messages from another phone – without having to ask them if you can check through their phone – which most people say no to – especially if they are guilty of cheating.

For the people cheating, there are often plenty of evidence on their phone, and you can easily get this evidence by using an SMS tracker app.

Ethical to check someone’s phone?

This is a question that is debated a lot. But the truth is that there is no real answer to this. Most people will say that with your partner, you should trust each other enough to allow each other to show each other’s phones, but the catch is that if your partner is cheating on you, and there is clear evidence about that on your phone, the chances of them letting you look at their phone is non-existent. 

And really, no-one wants to live in a relationship where their partner is cheating on them, and so using an app to track messages from another phone may be a solution to this.

Additionally, you cannot get ahold of their phones all the time, especially if they refuse to let you look at it. What you can do in this case is discreetly install spying software on their mobile which is a one-time process and after that get access to all their messages with time, date, message data, and sender/receiver data.

This lets you get all the evidence and proof to see if they’re actually cheating.

Many people consider the worst thing about being in a relationship where one is cheating and the other suspects it is that you stop trusting each other. Essentially about everything. It’s not ideal for anyone to be in a relationship where they’re being cheated on, and so in this case, it’s better to gather information and evidence, and then once and for all deal with the problem and say it’s over. 

The app allows you to get all the SMS details and other necessary spying information in a comprehensive package. If they are using your mobile phone regularly and prevent you from getting ahold of it, and you are suspecting that they are cheating on it, the evidence is often on their phone.

Best of all is that when you’ve downloaded the app, your partner won’t know that you are spying on them. With this app, spying will be completely invisible.

Flexispy gives you an array of details about your partner’s phone, which can provide you with evidence and the real answer to whether they are cheating or not. The app gives you details about mobile text messages online as well as IM conversations, multimedia sharing, and phonebook updates.


It is far from ideal to live in a relationship where the other person is cheating on you. Being cheated on will severely damage your self-esteem, but most importantly, it will make you less likely to trust both your partner and other people. When you suspect you are being cheated on, you should not say ”oh, it will pass”, because in many cases, it’s not just a one-time thing, and this will make it even more difficult for you to trust your partner. Instead, a solution can be to download a tracking app of a cheating partner to track text messages from another phone and then see if what you are suspecting is true, and if it is, take appropriate action.

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