Monday, January 30

Questions to Ask if You Want to Assess Your Current Website 

You need to constantly assess your website to find out what else you can do to improve it. Some people might find the experience when using it satisfying while others don’t feel good about it at all. Since you also open other websites or even do online shopping, you know how it feels to be a customer. As such, it’s important for you to check the status of your website and ask questions to help you improve it for future users.

Does it load quickly? 

When it comes to user experience, it’s important for you to focus on how quick it is to open and use the website. No one wants to spend several minutes just to open the site and click on every tab. It’s a difficult task and people will eventually close your site. Also, if there are other options that will give them a much better user experience, they will prefer it. You need to show that you can do better than your competitors in giving them the user experience they deserve.

Does it contain more information?

Check your website to see if it looks like you’re only after people’s money. No one wants to stay on a site that keeps asking people to spend money and buy products. You also want to give them other information like articles to read or links to beneficial websites. The experience should not only be limited to online shopping but offer other benefits too. 

Does it look good?

Web design isn’t necessarily about the aesthetic appeal of the pages, but it’s an essential component. You can partner with an expert in graphic design Oxford e-commerce companies recommend if you want to improve the graphics and the overall appeal of the website. Sometimes, people are shallow, and they decide based on how attractive a website is. They might look for other choices if your site is plain and boring. Spruce it up by adding some videos, colors and interesting images.

Does it work well with phones?

You can’t have a website that doesn’t work well with mobile devices. A lot of people are using their phones for shopping and other services. If you don’t want to lose these potential customers, your site needs to be easy for them to access while they’re outside their homes; otherwise, your potential customers will jump to websites that offer a better mobile device experience.

Is it satisfactory?

You have to ask yourself if you like the overall experience of using the website. If you feel dissatisfied, your potential customers will also feel the same way. You can also ask the people you know what they think about your website. They might also have feedback that you should consider. 

It helps to have an expert in web design by your side so you can immediately implement changes. You have to be responsive and try to overhaul the site if you want to retain customers and attract new ones; otherwise, they might quickly jump to your competitors.

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