Monday, April 22

Abakion Company Lanuched Package Solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Abakion Company Lanuched Package Solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Renowned company Abakion has made significant progress by virtue of announcing a packaged solution with Microsoft dynamics 365 business central that will be cost effective and easier for customers.  it is called as Abakion 365. The package mainly comes with a monthly subscription and has been focusing on frequent upgrade and excellent customer support services. For the customer who would like to experience less Up gradation as more upgrade, it needs the higher cost you have to pay.  But the company has eliminated this kind of confusion by actually Abakion offered to upgrade cost within the subscription.

What are the benefits you can get from packaged solution-?

The package solution comes with and covers up a lot of services like an upgrade, hotline, etc. Not all customers can have an interest or need for the services. It entirely depends upon customers services requests. Whether they are comfortable with dynamics 365 or want more facilities by actually add on some features with Abakion 365. The customers can avail these services by making sure that add on solutions replaces customizations. Reporting tools and extra app for chain management are some of the benefits you will get from Abakion 365.

Microsoft way of visualization for the future 

Microsoft has a simple and clear mind about small or mid-size business firms to subscribe to the standard solutions and ignore the special customized solution in the future. We are at Abakion has mostly know better than anyone else and therefore we include frequent upgrade and unlimited hotline and round the clock customer support services. We are hoping to set a foundation for other service providers to follow the footsteps of ours by making an effort to dictate the Microsoft future prospects.

Customization need to upgrade but for a higher cost 

Customization is a really big asks for companies, businesses and they cannot afford to do that. Upgrade the new version of   Dynamics NAV and is also the old version which most companies do work on. Most companies do spend money on upgrades without actually know the end results of it. That is the reason most companies are in favour of upgrading special customizations and that too is quite expensive to their liking.

 What you will get from Abakion 365

Abakion 365 is fast emerged and gradually taken over the packaged solution to another level. With Abakion 365 you will get access to Microsoft business intelligence solution power B for all users. Among those supply chain management is reckoned to our best work simply because of our supply chain management operates dynamics complied with series of apps that are promoted and marketed in overseas.


For those customers who are keen to know more about Abakoin 365 can notice that we are the IT consultancy that works with building a transparent and streamlined business process to perfection.

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