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Utilizing WordPress Hosting to Achieve Optimal Lead Generation Performance

While WordPress hosting offers a user-friendly and reliable way to establish your online presence, achieving high search engine ranking requires additional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts beyond the platform itself.

WordPress is a popular choice for over a decade due to its versatility and robust features. It provides a solid foundation for your website, but customization options exist for those who need them. Here are some strategies to get the most out of your WordPress website:

Increase Your Site Speed

According to Google, over a quarter users click away if a page takes longer than three seconds to load. This results in loss of potential customers, and a tarnished brand reputation.

One way to improve site speed is to just invest in a fast WordPress hosting plan. However, if not careful, it can admittedly burn a hole in your budget. That is why, choosing valuable plans that are cost-effective is essential.

If you are unsure where to start, check out Hosted’s website hosting. It is a great starting point and can set you on the correct path.

Alternative Methods

However, the issue will not solve itself unless you find the source of the issue. For this, tools like PageSpeed Insights, and Lighthouse can be non-negotiable.

Additionally, you can also boost your hosting prowess by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which stores a copy of your website across a global distribution of servers, making it more accessible, resulting in better load times!


Speed is good, but having a site that is trustworthy is also extremely important. Every 39 seconds, an online business becomes a victim of a cyber attack, and without necessary precautions, your business can be next.

A data breach, or a cyber attack is all that’s needed to tarnish a brand’s reputation. A lot of businesses have lost their footing due to credit card data breaches, or zero-day attacks; it is an extremely unfortunate event.

Security starts from the ground-up, and the first to perform it is your WordPress hosting, be it through active check-ups or cron jobs. Here, having a hosting plan with an established security profile is ever-so-important.

Uptime and Reliability

Since every second of downtime translates to lost opportunity cost, ensure your site’s uptime is reliable.

A successful website is the result of constant efforts, and the uptime should not be the one dragging it down. That is why, you should only pick up WordPress hosting plans with a reliable PR trail. This can help you avoid hosting providers with known uptime issues.

Automated Backups

Let us say you have directly or indirectly fallen victim to a scam or a cyber attack, resulting in your site data getting corrupted or lost; what now?

To get out of this precarious situation, backups exist, but not all WordPress hosting providers offer automated backups. These ensure that, if due to an unfortunate event, or an accident, your website gets compromised, there is always a way to bring it back up.

As your business grows, this becomes increasingly important, because you will not be able to generate leads if your website ceases to exist.

Power of Automation

Automation is like an auto-save in a game; it is automatically scheduled to run in the background, so that in the off-chance your game crashes, your progress is still there.

Good WordPress hosting usually provide a regular backup to ensure enough data gets saved without being a burden on the server.

Email Hosting

Emails & newsletters have long been hailed as the most effective strategies for lead generation. While that sentiment has weakened in current times, it is still an essential tool to have in your arsenal.

However, most hosting providers keep this option locked, since an email hosting server can be a whole assortment of problems. But you do not want to reach out to your audience using an email with a Gmail, or Hotmail extension, because the main goal here is to enhance brand consistency.

Several professional third-party add-ons also require you to have a professional work email with your website’s domain. In a landscape where everyone is striving to be the best, you need these effective building blocks to leave a lasting brand image for your audience.

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