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Tips to Make a Good UI Design for Your Digital Product

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Good UI design is an art. It is not simply the process of creating designs or page mock-ups; it is a journey that takes the users on a path of building trust and making them do business with you. So let’s look at key info about user journeys. What do they look like and how to map them out efficiently so that the conversion of your site/ app increases?

Basic Information About User Journeys

Building user journeys can take a few seconds, a few minutes, or a few days depending upon the interactions that have been made. As a rule, the following types of user journeys are to be mapped out:

  • New users (entrance);
  • Existing users (after the first use);
  • Frequent users (using it multiple times per day);
  • Superusers (using it multiple times per day)

It is the task of user interface design to get the users to take the desired journey. Therefore, good UI design has the following traits:

  • It attracts users;
  • It guides users;
  • It makes users feel comfortable;
  • It makes users enjoy their experiences.

Let’s dive deep into these traits in detail so that you know how it all works behind the scenes.

1. Good UI Attracts Users

Good UI design should attract users. This can be achieved through an elegant UI and/or by adding simple, yet effective elements. There are three ways to create an engaging experience:

  • Use a logo;
  • Use a call-to-action;
  • Use an interesting, yet simple icon;
  • Use branded colors, fonts, visual elements.

Professional companies like UX consulting agency advise to create a visual identity for your brand and stick to it every time working on a new UI design.

2. Good UI Guides Users

A well-thought-out UI design guides users in taking the journey that they are supposed to follow. A user who doesn’t take the desired path is less likely to be converted into a lead or contact than a user who follows the right journey. It is a good UI design that makes users enjoy their interactions and experience with the product. As a result, they understand your product, purpose, and selling proposition value better.

3. Good UI Makes Users Feel Comfortable

As users interact with the UI, they start to build their own ideas about your product or brand. And in some cases, these ideas may be not only positive but also negative. So if users feel that your product is not comfortable for them, they may have a hard time navigating your site and will most probably end up not using it. On the other hand, if a user feels convenient with you, one will be definitely interested in your product and will end up converting into a sales lead.

4. Good UI Makes Users Enjoy Their Experiences

Good UI design makes users like to browse your website, which is a good thing for your business. As good UI design makes users’ experience delightful, it helps them feel comfortable with the product and do business with you.

Final Say!

Designing well can be an art form and is an important thing to keep in mind when developing as it can have a direct impact on the user’s experience. There are many things that should be kept in mind when designing a user interface for a web-based project. All love well-thought-out user interfaces as the best of them can really make the difference between a great product and one that’s just OK. and mapping out the above user journeys will make you closer to this goal. So instead of selecting random bright elements for your pages, think about user path, target actions, and behaviors.

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