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Time Theft: How Can a Security Guard Management App Stop This?

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Employee theft is particularly common in small security guard firms. It is generally because they don’t have the protocols or a security guard management platform. It is not necessary for employee theft to always be in the physical form, but it could also be in terms of time. That is the type of theft that typically costs more to the owner. In this case, you might wonder, is there any way to keep your security guards from wasting their time? Having a security guard apps is the answer to preventing time theft. Let’s understand how it prevents the same.

Why Invest in a security guard app?

Imagine that one of your security officers has missed a checkpoint during a guard tour and is not responding to your call. In that scenario, you would send another guard to give you an update. By the time the second guard arrives at the scene, a theft has already occurred. This scenario will not help you build a name in the security guard industry.

Invest in security guard management software if you want to be known as one of the most efficient security guard firms. This isn’t optional for modern security companies.

A security guard management system is more like an employee management software tailored specifically for the security industry. Keeping everyone on the same page, it eliminates communication gaps between your managers, clients, and staff (security guards). You and your client can monitor guard activities in real-time. Guards can create reports, logs incident, and much more. These are just a few reasons why having security guard software is worth your money. Below you will find out how it can effectively prevent time theft.

How will the application be useful to you?

Accurately record and manage work hours: It is integrated with the mobile patrol for security guards. It enables real-time recording of all security guard work hours and, with a few clicks, displays the associated labor costs. As a result, it improves accuracy and mobility while limiting the scope of time theft.

Open Shift feature enables choosing the shift: The open shift is one of the best aspects of management software. It enables security guards to select the shifts they want to work, better balancing their personal and professional lives. It gives security guards access to schedule and shifts information ahead of time so they can stay focused while working.

GPS Monitors On-Site Movements in Real Time: The way security personnel were originally monitored or tracked on-site has changed with GPS tracking. These days, all they need is a smartphone with the security and patrol app installed. It will aid in preventing time theft and ensuring that your security officers are constantly on the move.

Geofencing-based check-In & check-Out: To avoid time theft, a security guard is automatically checked in and out of the location whenever he enters or exits the geofenced region. Additionally, it considerably reduces the likelihood of human error.

Create custom breaks for guards: No matter the industry, breaks are frequently cited as one of the main causes of time theft. Most of these platform enables you to create custom breaks and define different times as needed for your on-site security guards. This will motivate them to arrive back to work promptly.

What we are saying is,

Most managers focus on increasing their team’s efficiency to streamline the work. No doubt, this aspect is important but optimizing the time of your security guards is also necessary. Companies who have started using security management apps have seen increased guard accountability, allowing your guards to be more focused on their patrol. When your team can deliver efficient work, you will see an increase in client retention.

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