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List of the best Proxy Providers (Datacenter and Residential)

It is known that datacenter and residential proxies are useful for several possible tasks. From web scraping, sneaker scraping, anonymous browsing, and research to social media management and SEO. But what are the best proxy servers that can give us quality proxies for all of our different businesses?

According to bestproxyreviews.com, best proxy servers are the ones that give you conditions that include (but are not limited to): compatibility with popular web services, speed, security, uptime, good customer support, and also affordable pricing and custom packages. 

Given the frequency of updates, there is doubt that X Browser will get enough attention. A robust browser is a pretty complex tool to maintain and keep up to date.

Best residential proxies

Smartproxy is the next best thing you will find on the proxy market. We do not solely focus on residential proxies anymore, we have multiple types of 55 mln+ of proxies. Now, we also have more than 8 cities that can be targeted.

Regarding the datacenter proxies, please refer to the following page of ours – https://smartproxy.com/partners-guide.

BrightData represents one of the most popular proxy providers that give their customers a wide range of good quality residential, data center, and mobile proxies. They offer over 72 million IP addresses in the pool. One of the interesting facts is that their IP addresses have permission from their owners to be used by BrightData.

They are compatible with all web services and offer good service performances and uptime. The only not-so-good side of this provider is their pricing which tends to be on the higher side and also limited bandwidth usage. So they tend to gravitate more to bigger companies.

On the other hand, their prices and packages have more affordable options that can be interesting for small businesses and individuals. Smartproxy proxies are on a slower side but they make up for that with their high uptime level.

In the end, they are known for their excellent customer support that is done through their live chat service, email, and FAQs page. Smartproxy offers some fantastic free tools that help you easily integrate with their proxies, such as X Browser, Smart Scraper, Firefox, and Chrome browser extensions. You can also get code integrations in 6 programming languages on Smartproxy’s GitHub.

Soax is the leader on the market when it comes to mobile proxies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also offer good quality residential proxies. Their IP addresses are mostly suited for price monitoring, ad verification, web scraping, bulk account registration, and SEO. They offer flexible payment plans and even daily or weekly packages.

However, their prices tend to be on the more expensive side. But for the price you pay you will get access to more than 5 million IP addresses, automatic IP rotation, geo-targeting, and many more proxy capabilities. One other big pro of Soax is that it is fairly easy to use unlike BrightData proxies for example.

Best proxy providers

When it comes to datacenter proxies – the best providers with the best proxy servers are considered to be MyPrivateProxy and Blazing proxy. Since datacenter proxies are generally considered unreliable – MyPrivateProxy offers fast, dedicated IP addresses that will not easily get detected by most web services.

They also support a variety of locations and offer a higher level of anonymity than any residential proxy. Blazing proxies are best known for their high-quality datacenter proxies that can be used for sneaker coping – which is usually a use case that is completely dominated by residential proxies.

When we talk about the best proxy servers on residential and rotating side list includes Geosurf, Stormproxies, Brighdata, Soax, Smartproxy, TheSocialProxy, Oxylabs, etc. 

Best rotating proxies

Geosurf – is a proxy provider that markets their proxies as the best for web scraping or any kind of crawling, since their team used to work with developing those tools in the past. With over 2.5 million residential IP addresses in over 1700 cities and in almost all countries of the world, this bold claim might be completely true. Since they offer a high rotating gateway that frequently changes IP addresses they are almost undetectable to anti-spam systems that are easily triggered.

All these good sides are enough to make up for two bad ones – average response time and speed which are not on the highest level. Geosurf proxies have also been found to be suitable for usage in social media management, ad verification, and sneaker copping.

 Stormproxies – is a provider for optimized rotating proxies. Their proxies are not considered the best ones on the market but they still have to offer some good qualities. In the first place, they are very affordable and suitable for many use cases, for which they have special packages and offers.

So, you can have special packages for proxies for social media management, sneaker copping, scraping, etc. This can be useful for small businesses or individuals that are just starting with the proxy world. What is also a big pro is that they offer unlimited bandwidth usage.

Best Datacenter Proxies

A proxy server is a server that sits between the user’s network and the website to which they are attempting to connect. The proxy conceals the actual IP address of the user.

This ultimately increases the user’s online privacy and secrecy.

This is where datacenter proxies from Ghostealth come in. They are continuously dependable and work around the clock. Each server is equipped with a speedy Internet connection, making them appropriate for a number of different tasks. 

Using Ghostealths’s datacenter proxies grants you access to a proxy pool containing over 50,000 unique datacenter proxies. The distinctive characteristic of these proxy servers is that they rotate.

This guarantees that you get a new IP address with each request. This makes you completely anonymous on the internet.

The pricing structure is adaptable and completely clear. The fees for a subscription begin at 20 dollars per month and range up to 350 dollars per month, depending on project size and demand.

One thing that makes Ghostealth stand out is that their datacenter proxies give each customer unlimited bandwidth.

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