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CRM-CTI Connectors: Integrating communication platforms for better CX

Nowadays, customers expect high-quality customer experiences (CX) regardless of their preferred communication platform. Companies that integrate disparate communications platforms effectively can boost customer loyalty, efficiency, and productivity across their contact center.

CRM-CTI connectivity has emerged as a powerful solution for this challenge, offering an integrated view of various customer interactions via different channels, all on one unified dashboard. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into CRM-CTI connectors, how they work, and why they are essential for organizations striving to deliver exceptional CX!

Overview of CRM-CTI connectors

CRM CTI Connectors by Bucher + Suter for Contact Centers is an invaluable tool for improving customer service. It seamlessly establishes a connection between customer service agents and customers over phone lines, enabling them to provide adequate, timely support without leaving their desks. 

This integration allows agents to easily access all the customers’ data including name, recent interactions and sales history and manage multiple customer interactions across multiple channels, helping them increase their efficiency while delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. CRM-CTI connectors also come with robust analytics so businesses can track how customer service agents perform in real-time, intending to provide the best customer experience possible.

Why CRM-CTI integrations are necessary for contact centers?

Integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) system with a computer telephony integration (CTI) is essential for successful contact centers. It enables the agent to spend more time interacting with the customer than dealing with post-call activities.

As data like customer details, case history, or purchase records are now readily available in one place, it eliminates the need for the manual effort by agents, like repeating information that customers provide during their calls. An efficient CRM-CTI integration makes agents more efficient with their time, allowing them to interact better with their customers and provide personalized solutions.

Success Story

To uphold their commitment to providing the highest customer service standards, Republic Services, Inc. (RSI) was determined to make necessary adjustments and continue delivering top-notch services for each valued client. To do this, RSI transitioned from Finesse Desktop to Bucher + Suter’s Connects for Salesforce in 2016.

This marked a pivotal turning point for RSI’s customer service, allowing them to streamline services, keep more detailed records, and efficiently handle customer inquiries and orders. Despite the complex nature of transitioning such an expansive operation, the change was seamless, allowing the RSI team to continue helping customers with minimal disruption. The move has benefited both clients and employees of Republic Services Inc., significantly improving customer service.


To improve customer experience and solve agents’ problems, RSI needed a reliable contact center solution that would be accessible to drive agent productivity. This solution had to help agents track customers better throughout their entire journey and provide real-time data about current call volume.

Agents needed to be equipped with the technology solutions to help them better handle and track customers without drop-offs or lengthy wait times.


By selecting Bucher + Suter (b+s) integration designed to resolve communication inefficiencies arising from the integration between their Cisco UCCE services and the Salesforce Service Cloud platform, Republic Services, Inc. (RSI) was able to provide a much-needed solution for their contact center problems. The b+s Connects for Salesforce facilitated real-time data transfer with tremendous agility, enabling agents and supervisors to handle calls better, faster, and more effectively. 

The tool proved beneficial in terms of providing greater flexibility during interactions, too, allowing them to quickly conference calls and perform one-click transfers as well as share screens among agents. This empowered RSI agents with enriched customer service capabilities and a significantly more efficient workflow process.


The successful implementation of b+s connects has yielded tremendous business outcomes for RSI. Based on reliable data, their investment of $320,000 in the system has been recovered within 7 months, and savings have exceeded $500,000 annually since then. Such a remarkable outcome demonstrates how crucial sound decisions regarding technological implementations can be to businesses seeking maximum efficiency with minimal cost. RSI’s strategy has paid off handsomely.


CRM-CTI connectors offer significant advantages to contact centers by connecting communication platforms and integrating them with typical customer management applications. The RSI story proves that integrations between CRM and CTI are helping organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just by optimizing their customer connections. This is why businesses need to understand the impact of having proper CRM-CTI integration, which can lead to cost savings and improved customer interaction.

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