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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Succeed In the Digital Era

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The paradigm shift towards digitalization is currently ongoing, and many companies have realized how crucial it is to make the transition as early as now.

Whatever industry your company belongs to, you’ll somehow rely on technology. Even if you decide to go digital completely or halfway through, there are necessary practices for your business to succeed.

Modern consumers today who have tried digital acquisition for products and services realize the convenience it brings. And so, the demand for such avenues is only getting stronger. As a go-getter entrepreneur, you have to keep up with market trends and digital evolution.

But first, it’s essential to know the ways how you can succeed in this thriving digital era. Luckily, this feature will discuss just that. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Hire People You Need 

As a business owner, the first thing you need to accept is help from people. Like the saying, ‘no man is an island,’ this is also the same in business. The process of growing your venture on your own could be strenuous and stressful. No matter how skilled and talented you are, there are points that you could be clueless about. And as such, you’ll need to hire the right talents for that.

For instance, recently, the need to rank high on search engines has become as prevalent as being proactive in your other digital marketing tactics. If this isn’t your forte, you can check out this agency instead. Subcontracting a third-party agency will allow you to come up with a solid growth strategy. 

Aside from agencies, another option is to hire freelancers such as content creators, bookkeepers, graphic artists, and so on. If you can’t yet afford to hire a regular worker, this is the best hiring alternative you should do. After all, freelancing jobs are usually paid based on projects. So, you can save on training, employee benefits, and other expenses for the workforce. 

Eventually, when the time is right, and you think your business needs to establish a stable workforce internally, you can consider hiring regular staff by then. The key isn’t to micromanage such tasks; admit that you need help from the pros so your business can grow and expand more. To grow your startup, determine which tasks should be outsourced to someone else and which ones you should focus on. 

2. Establish Clear Goals 

A good digital transformation strategy starts with knowing what you’re trying to accomplish with it. Hence, it’s crucial to establish clear goals for partaking processes. This serves as the blueprint guiding all the team leaders and members. In the end, it’s important to make decisions based on your objectives. 

Make sure your goals meet the needs of your specific business, as each one is unique. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the competition or reach out to a more diverse market, you can set such goals when shifting to digitization.

List down your goals based on short- and long-term time frames. And as you begin your transition, you can always go back to evaluating such goals. Also, it’s important to think about goals not only at the corporate level but also at the individual and team levels.

3. Train, Train, Train 

This tip can’t be overstated enough. The thing about innovative technology is that they require understanding and application by the users. This means training is essential. 

You should focus on providing your employees with the tools and knowledge they need to prepare for the upcoming changes. Considering how rapidly technology develops and changes, it makes sense to allow your employees to keep up by providing regular training sessions.

Whether you hire a third-party company for training or designate this task to your human resource team, digital training should be part of the entire digital transformation plan. 

This will allow them to understand new concepts. Your employees will not only learn the tools and software, but they’ll gain new skills and knowledge that they can use to solve problems and issues in the future as well.

Ensure that the employee training programs are engaging and interactive in order for your staff to keep their interest and motivation. You can even practice a reward system or incentivize those always present in training. 

4. Embrace Changes Positively 

Changes may be perceived as both a good and bad thing. However, this is one inevitable thing that happens to any individual or organization.

As a company that wants to grow in this digital era, everyone in your office should develop an open mind and accepting of changes. Such changes could either mean success or failure. But both outcomes are necessary for business growth.

It’s also part of the entrepreneur’s experience to fail, make mistakes, and change. In fact, this is the key ingredient for most entrepreneurs to rise back higher and move forward stronger than when they just launched their business.

Changing your business systems, workflow, operations, and other details should be welcomed. Especially if you’re in the trial and error phase, everyone should anticipate a lot of changes. Simply put, having the courage to stumble and pivot when necessary is essential to success in the fast-paced digital world.

5. Focus On Your Online Presence 

There are still many companies out there who haven’t adopted digital transformation yet, even though the world wide web was invented way back. It’s unfortunate that these entrepreneurs miss out on growth opportunities. Avoid being like them and start focusing on your online presence this year.  

You should set up an eCommerce site if your company does not have one. In this digital age, a huge number of the population rely on their mobile gadgets when seeking information about a product or business. Having brand exposure online is now the best way to generate online sales for your business. 

Aside from setting up your own site, there are many other strategies to build an online presence. One of which also includes creating social media profiles and actively managing them. Utilizing social media can reach more customers indeed. There are many avenues online that will help you promote your business, even more, so use them to your advantage. 


Digital solutions are essential to living in the digital era, especially if you want to expand and grow your business. You should grab all the opportunities that come your way as you transition to digitalization. This will allow you to achieve greater lengths and achieve your business goals. Hopefully, you can gain some insights from the tips mentioned above so you can succeed in this digital era.

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