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5 Things to Know About NetSuite Before Moving Forward with the Implementation

New software for your online business!

Since many entrepreneurs favor digital selling over physical markets, companies are now producing new software for your online business! One famous name you cannot overlook is NetSuite.

If you are managing an online business and looking for viable apps to ease your process, then NetSuite’s apps will help you achieve it. Recording, processing, and analyzing the data that your business gathers daily can require vast amounts of effort.

What is NetSuite? Are there things you should know before implementing it in your business? In this article, we will tackle what NetSuite is all about.

What is NetSuite?

Fresh from San Mateo, California – NetSuite is a business technology developer producing quality apps. Every software from NetSuite answers to different areas of your business. For example, if you need an app to manage your finances, analyze information, or find more customers, then NetSuite has apps you might immediately use.

NetSuite also specializes in developing software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Suppose you want to apply NetSuite’s ERP app to your business; it is best to get an erp implementation consultant to learn more about the app. There are many factors to consider before applying any software to your existing business.

Today, handling data is more accessible with the help of cloud storage. It is why NetSuite prioritizes creating cloud-based apps. Multiple apps from NetSuite are famous as software as a service (SaaS). Since NetSuite’s business apps rely on cloud storage, many professionals worldwide view their software as the best alternative to on-site ERPs.

Many existing companies now use NetSuite apps for ERP purposes, eCommerce store hosting, and organizing inventories. There is also a NetSuite app specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). NetSuite’s CRM app allows any business to record all the details about their customers, shedding light on their interests and the possibility for future contact.

Learn About NetSuite Products

Several entrepreneurs mistake business apps for their overall sales strategy. However, if you learn about every NetSuite product, it will be easier to apply them to your business. Your workforce can also benefit hugely from the features that NetSuite apps can share with them.


NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce app is perfect for both B2B and B2C vendors. The SuiteCommerce app assists online merchants in delivering unique experiences to their customers. SuiteCommerce is a cloud-based app that is easy to use, manage, and apply to your current business model.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Every business existing relies on resources to function continuously. Getting a full report and analysis of your company’s help is now possible with NetSuite’s ERP app. Aside from that, you can combine any office operation into one NetSuite app.

  • Financial Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Warehouse and Fulfillment
  • Procurement
  • Order Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Personnel Monitoring

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Do you have a hard time finding details about your customers? NetSuite’s CRM app is here to help you. The purpose of NetSuite’s CRM app is to allow businesses to establish positive relationships with their customers. It will be easier for companies to answer and resolve customer issues immediately.

PSA – Professional Services Automation

NetSuite’s PSA software acts as your business platform for supporting all the needs of your business. The PSA app provides many features for tracking projects, managing resources, monitoring progress, accounting, and overall expenses. You can also use the NetSuite PSA app to observe the performance of your staff.

EPM – Enterprise Planning Management

The NetSuite EPM app’s purpose is to help businesses get a full view of their present finances. Planning and budgeting an organization’s resources is crucial for its growth, and NetSuite’s EPM app strictly caters to this need. The NetSuite EPM app is best for forecasting, accounting, budgeting, and planning for your entire business.


Before implementing NetSuite apps, it is crucial to learn about each of their unique apps. You will be able to select any NetSuite app perfect for the present needs of your business. Aside from that, you are in the position to use every NetSuite app to its full potential.

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