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5 Hidden Costs of Migrating to the Cloud

If you are running a business you are bound to have had a conversation about cloud computing and may well already be using this option for your data storage and backup option.

There are lots of positives attached to the idea of embracing everything that the cloud can offer as a data solution. Talk to a provider who delivers IT support for small businesses in Sydney, for instance, and they will be able to guide you through your server and software requirements and best practices.

But what are some of the hidden costs of this solution that you need to be aware of?

How much flexibility do you have? 

There is a scenario that tends to leave a number of business owners frustrated in terms of their supplier options.

A situation that is known as vendor lock-in describes a scenario where you find that the cost of moving to another vendor proves unviable after taking into account the ease of the migration process and how much it will be to do so.

Cloud-to-cloud migration does not have to be cost-prohibitive or troublesome.

The way to approach this issue is to plan well ahead and look at a multi-cloud strategy so that you are not reliant on one provider. 

A lack of unification can cause fragmentation

If several departments within your business are involved in the process you can find that migration becomes more fragmented than it should be.

The best approach is to pull everyone together so that you have a more unified approach to your migration strategy.

Paying for more than you need 

It is understandable that you want enough capacity with your cloud storage solution. However, what tends to happen regularly is that you can end up overprovisioning.

Overestimating how much cloud space you need could be costly. Consider your current and future needs carefully. This will allow you to create a more cost-effective solution.

A lack of support can be problematic

Things don’t always run smoothly when it comes to the cloud. Losing access to your data or suffering IT problems can be very time consuming and costly to your business.

Make sure you get the right level of IT support in place so that you have someone you can turn to in a hurry for a quick fix.

 When you think about how costly any downtime can be, the cost of arranging ongoing IT support is easily justified.

Compatibility problems

Although you can be sure that moving to the cloud will often turn out to be the right move you need to be aware that the initial migration process will often require some adjustments to your applications.

Configuration and compatibility issues need to be addressed at the onset. Identifying critical requirements and making the necessary adjustments will ensure that migration is successful when you make the move.

As long as you are aware of these hidden costs and challenges beforehand, and get the IT support needed to address all of your highlighted issues, you should discover that the cloud offers a cost-effective way forward for your business.

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