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Effective Social Media Marketing Practices For Insurance Companies

If you are reading this, anyone would bet that you are on at least one of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Statistics show that more than 3.5 billion users like you are active on social media as of 2020. A majority of them spend more than a few hours a day on their favorite social platforms.

With these numbers rising every day, social platforms are increasingly becoming important to entrepreneurs and marketers from small and large business ventures alike. Not only do they help with brand advertising and product promotion, but they also double up as support channels where providers can cater to the needs of their clients and target audience better.

As anyone would expect, insurance companies are utilizing social channels for these purposes now more than ever before. But then again, social media marketing tactics are also evolving with every kick of the clock. The tricks that worked a few years back may not exactly be fruitful today, especially in a competitive industry like insurance. To cut to the chase, your success in social media marketing depends mainly on the strategies you put in place. With this having been said, let’s look at a few effective social media marketing practices used by successful insurance companies.

Use Great Content, Videos, and Images 

Clients quickly get tired of reading through blocks of paragraphs. Instead of these, images and videos are very catchy to the eye, and, and can be used to. The use of media mix will attract the user to click and read more on your website or social platform. Ensuring that you have the correct license to post media on your platform is crucial.

Alongside guides, tips, and inspiring text, create images and videos teaching your audience how to land the best insurance deals and rates. The experts behind GroupEnroll.ca explained that the content on your website or landing page has to be designed to solve problems that brought the client there. This means getting creative with the text, images, or videos you post on your social profile to promote your products or services as an insurance company. You can use your videos to convince your clients-to-be how your current clients value and appreciate you, and why they think you are great. That gives the potential clients the confidence to try you out. 

Generate Recommendations and Reviews

Allowing customer reviews for your products is always a great idea. This is because many consumers of today consider them relatable and genuine. Most online clients look at the reviews on a page and what other people are saying about the product or service before making the final decision. Whether you are marketing your insurance company on Facebook, GMB, YouTube, or LinkedIn, it’s always advisable to urge satisfied customers to leave reviews and testimonials. While you may only need to play smart with the settings of platforms like Facebook, here are additional tips on boosting your reviews on social media:

  • Install a review-generation software 
  • Request existing policyholders to leave reviews 
  • Stay in touch with new policyholders
  • Engage, interact with, and respond to potential clients

The above tactics can also help build trust with your potential clients. In case they have been referred by a friend or family, they can get reassurance from what they read on your page. 

Pamper Your Website

Website marketing goes hand in hand with social media advertising. Actually, most insurance companies use social media as a way of generating traffic to their websites as interested consumers seek more information about their services. However, you’ll want to work on your website to make sure your social marketing efforts aren’t thwarted. Some things you can do include ensuring:

  • A fast website
  • Website security
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Comprehensive info about the company and its services
  • Online support services such as live chat and social signals
  • Contact information on the landing pages

Participate in CSR 

CSR is a major growth pillar for many insurance companies. Sometimes the public may not be familiar with some of the policies offered by your company. Participating in CSR communicates the company’s values and creates awareness in the public about the services offered. Also, using your social media platforms to support noble courses in society can help move the brand’s voice to greater heights. Besides, it is a great way to show that your brand gives back to society. 

Social media marketing is all the rage nowadays. It allows you to take your products or services closer to your clients. The above are just a few practices that marketers of insurance companies could use when promoting their offerings on social media.

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