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5 Reasons Why Images Matter for Social Media Marketing

5 Reasons Why Images Matter for Social Media Marketing

Major brands such as Apple have long since recognized the marketing power of images. For example, one of the marketing strategies of Apple in the early 2000s included its well-known silhouette marketing campaign. Visual marketing is no longer limited to television advertisements and posters, however. 

As social media marketing continues to evolve, the images and photographs used in campaigns matter more than ever. Images hold visual power — and when paired with a short, compelling written message, they can make a huge impact. 

If you’re not yet using images in your social media marketing, you might want to consider incorporating it! Here are five reasons why the images you choose matter. 

Grab attention immediately

With so many people and businesses on social media today, you need to find a way to stand out. People quickly skim social media and only read messages that grab their attention. 

If your marketing strategies include big blocks of texts, most people are going to scroll right past them. However, the right image will grab people’s attention quickly. 

People are likely to stop on an interesting picture and take the time to figure out what the image is all about. Make sure the images you choose have some sort of focal point that will draw users in immediately, such as color contrast. 

Keep presence interesting 

Not only do images grab the attention of your followers, but they can also keep your social media presence more interesting! People are more likely to find an image interesting than they are text. 

You can still include text as a caption to the image, but an image can help make them want to stop and read. 

In addition to images, many people are also interested in video messages. Using Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories to create quick video snippets is a way to create a more interesting presentation. You can also use the analytics from these features to further understand the demographics of your audience. 

Visual consistency builds brand

Visual consistency in the images you use across multiple platforms can build your brand. When you build visual consistency, people that are scrolling through social media will automatically associate an image with your brand and know that you’re the one who posted it.

Visual consistency is much more than slapping a logo onto an image. To build visual consistency, you need to focus on using similar colors, fonts, and overall visual style when posting images. 

Ideally, you want to get to the point that people will be able to tell which images belong to your business without even having to see who posted it. 

Images are likable and engaging

Another reason why images matter for social media marketing, is simply because people like looking at images and find them engaging. People are more likely to relate to a visual image and feel a connection to your brand. 

Positive feelings and connections to a brand mean that consumers are more likely to return to that brand when they need to make a purchase. If followers like what they see and trust your brand, you’re more likely to make a sale. 

Not to mention, they’re also more likely to like or comment on your posts, which helps make your business appear more active. Always remember to like and comment back to any visitor messages! This is a great way to engage with your customers and to start creating meaningful relationships. 

Make business rememberable 

People are more likely to remember an image or a video snippet than they are a block of text. If you want people to remember what your business is about, even after they have clicked away from social media, using an image can help. 

The reason for this is because images usually have emotional or aesthetic appeal.

 This allows people to more quickly make a connection to the image, which then allows them to better retain the image in their memory. Then, later on, when they’re reflecting about their day, they’re more likely to remember your business and may even visit your website or social media accounts again. 

Final thoughts

Of course, if you start using images more frequently, you want to make sure that they are high-quality and engaging. Stay away from dark, blurry images — this could turn people off of your business. 

While using original media is preferable, you can also use stock images if in a pinch. There are sites out there that will let you purchase stock images, as well as sites out there that offer free stock images.


  • Ayokunnumi Allitijesu

    people respond more to visual propaganda than written. This is also given how the reading culture has suffered a decline. Rather than read the news, people are comfortable watching the trends on youtube and the likes. Given this, corporate organizations and other parastatal should take cognizance of this, putting this to use digitally.

  • Avani Khandelwal

    I completely agree that images are important for marketing. I have started writing blogs and realised that images and video makes it easy for business to engage target customers.

  • Digipuush

    Thank you so much for the useful recommendations.
    Google ranking is important for every website, We are still working on increasing google ranking. This article will surely help us to improve our rank.


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