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How Can I learn Marketing on Snapchat?

How Can I learn Marketing on Snapchat?

One of the most important factors in setting up and running a Snapchat account is cultivating a fanbase. There are several different ways to grow your following.

Within the app, each account has a unique snapcode that makes it easy for people to start following. Screenshot your snapcode and add it to your current social media accounts to cross promote. You can even change your profile picture to the snapcode so that people don’t have to go searching for it in your feed or bio. But How Can I learn Marketing on Snapchat?, in this article you´ll   learn just that.

Some tips and answers to:

  1. Run Facebook ads of your “Snapcode” and ask people to add you on Snapchat. Facebook ads allow you to target your ideal follower. You can target by gender, age, location or personal interests.
  2. Search for Facebook groups in your niche or generic ‘add me on Snapchat’ groups.
    • Niche Facebook groups are a great way to start interacting with your ideal audience. Interact with group members and help them out. If you give value to the group the members shouldn’t mind if you share your Snapcode, especially if you give members a good reason to add you.
    • ‘Add me on Snapchat’ groups are where anyone can add anyone on Snapchat. This can be good but beware the wrong kind of followers (those who don’t interact and those who might be doing a little too much interaction!)

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  1. On your timeline there is an option to pick up to five ‘featured photos’. Instead of picking five, only pick one, that of your Snapcode. This way it will show up bigger. Alternatively, you can make it your profile or header photo. To avoid losing your brand identity you should use a customized Snapcode. Get a custom Snapcode here.
  2. Add your Snapchat username to your profile intro text.
  3. Put your Snapcode at the end of any video content you post.
  4. Post your Snapcode asking people to add you. This works best if you go dark on all channels except Snapchat for a day. This way people have to add you on Snapchat to follow your updates.

Snapchat as a social media platform is a relatively new and effective way of social media marketing. On this platform, you can easily promote your business or products as comparison of other platforms, at a very low or no cost at all. On snapchat we can show working of products. How can use it. Marketing on Snapchat is very important. Now a days, people move toward snapchat and use it more than other social media sites. So, I think it’s an effective and interesting way of social media marketing.

These were some tips and tricks to “How Can I learn Marketing on Snapchat?”

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