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Features You May Not Know Exist on Snapchat

Features You May Not Know Exist on Snapchat

Features You May Not Know Exist on Snapchat

Snapchat, with more than 2 billion snaps sent everyday is growing larger for every year. Snapchat is constantly coming up with new updates to attract new users and please the current ones.

Keeping track of all new features that are constantly introduced is difficult, and it’s easy to miss some some. That’s why there might be features you may know know exist on Snapchat.

In this article, we’ll be showing some of the Features You May Not Know Exist on Snapchat.

1. Using two filters at once

Filters are very popular among the users of Snapchat. Did you also know that you can use two filters at once? When making a photo or video, you can use a so-called image filter along with one of the data label filters that are available. To do this, simply apply the first filter on a snap and hold one finger on the display while using another finger to choose between the other filters.

2. Switch between front- and rear camera with taps

Snapchat has made it very easy to flip between rear and front camera so you can both take flawless selfies and awesome videos. Just  double tap the screen when you are in the camera viewfinder to switch between the two camera modes. Happy snapping!

3. Comment on people´s stories

If you didn´t know, you can “comment” on your friends snap story to share amour thoughts or just ask them about it. Simply slide up when you are watching someone´s story and you´ll be able to do this.

4. Save data by using “Travel Mode”

Your mobile data can be eaten up fairly quickly if you are just like many a Snapchat addict with a surf limit. Snapchat has therefore decided to include a “Travel Mode“, which reduces the mobile data usage by not loading any snaps automatically.Once the Travel Mode is activated, you will have to tap the snap to load it. manually. Just head over to app’s Settings->Manage (Additional Services) and enable Travel Mode.

5. Activate night mode

Poor lightning in images and videos have for long been a complained issue. Sure, you can use the flash but to be more discrete, the night mode is now a feature you can use. The app has a built-in night camera mode that you can activate when the lightning is bad and ONLY when the lightning is bad. This feature is nowhere to be found when you´re in a sunny Dubai but then again, why would you need it there. Simply press the half-moon in the top left corner (as seen below) and enjoy brighter snaps.

Features You May Not Know Exist on Snapchat

6. Send photos from your Gallery

When Snapchat introduced a new feature which made it possible to send (and post on your story) photos from your camera roll, it got lots of appreciation from its users. This can be done both when you are in a chat and when you are on the main photo page. When you are inside a chat, just press the symbol in the bottom left corner that looks like a photo. To share photos as a snap to people, just go to the homepage and press the button just below the circle that you snap photos with and voilá!

7. Start a live video chat

If you didn’t know this before, don´t worry. It is very easy. When the person you are talking to is online at the same time as you, you will see a glowing Blue button instead of the Yellow one, which means the live video chat option is available. Both of you then have to hold the blue button and you will enter a live video mode.

8. See “friend emojis”

Snapchat has emojis that appear next to friends in your friend list. These change over time based on how you interact with that friend. This is what each emoji means. These are private, and can only be seen by you! The features determine who is your best friend or who’s your mutual best friend etc. The emojis are many and it´s hard to keep track of them but you can read more about their meaning HERE!

9. Manage your camera with volume buttons

Tapping the capture button or holding it for videos can be a hassle at times, especially when you are using the front-facing camera and that might be the reason that Snapchat lets you control the camera with your phone’s volume buttons. You can press any of the volume buttons to capture and hold them down to make a video.

This is just some of many Features You May Not Know Exist on Snapchat,  but hopefully you´ve learned some new functions in this article.

Thank you for reading “Features You May Not Know Exist on Snapchat”.

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